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The SCPR has a number of informants from deep in the bowels of the Stark County sheriff's office providing information to yours truly about the day-to-day activities of Sheriff George T. Maier as to his internal political manipulations with sheriff department personnel.

In prior blogs, The Report  has needled Sheriff Maier about his need when elected in November, 204 about his need to hire a plumber to fix all the leaks at 4500 Atlantic Boulevard.

It could be that yours truly has found the perfect man for the job.

And The Report thinks he is uniquely qualified.

He has an impressive record as a plumber in terms of time in the vocation, having been one for some 29 years.  Plus, he likely is a top flight administrator inasmuch as he has been the business agent for Local 94, Plumbers and Pipefitters Union for some 12 years.  

To top things off, Kirven appears to have political ambitions as a  back room political organizer and massager of Stark County politicians for the benefit of union causes.

Back in 2010 Kirven (LINK) couldn't have been happier with the SCPR as evidenced by his invitation for your truly to attend a labor event designed to pressure local developers to use "local" union members in putting together their business/industrial park projects.

Yours truly has always been supportive of organized labor for the reason that the union movement seems to be the only thing left supporting America's dwindling middle class.

One of The Report's favorite Stark County unions has been the Local #94 and its former leader Dan Fonte and current leader Barry Evans.  Another is Hall of Fame AFL-CIO president Dan Sciury (pictured above at the extreme left of the photo).

Yours truly gauges David Kirven as being a step short of the likes of Fonte, Evans and Sciury.

Kirven, the current president of the Stark County Democratic Party Jefferson-Jackson Club,  is said to be knee deep in plumbers political putty on the issue of whether or not Canton is to become a charter government city.

If reports of his consuming interest in the Canton charter issue are accurate, yesterday's decision by Stark County Court of Common Pleas judge Frank Forchione 
  • that Ward 8 Councilman Edmond Mack's petition drive to get the issue on the ballot
    • has burst through the pipes of the Stark County Board of Elections (BOE, Board)
    • on the authority of Forchione's decision 
      • in response to a Mack filed Writ of Mandamus, and 
        • consequently the measure will make it to the November ballot 
has to be totally frustrating to Politico-Plumber Dave.

Councilman Mack thought he was on the road to recovering from a hyper-technical problem on a petition circulated by one of his volunteers when the BOE voted to reconsider the petition's prior disqualification on July 2, 2015 at a BOE meeting of July 13.

On the 13th, the Board tied 2 to 2 on the question of reconsideration.

Off to Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted to break the tie, no?

Well, that's what the Board announced with exception from Republican member and lawyer William S. Cline but lo and behold! the Board meets again on July 30th and guess what?

Ironworker and Democratic BOE member William V. Sherer, II changes his vote!  With the change, the hyper-technical question is removed in the thinking of local board members (prompted by William Cline) from a tie breaking vote by Secretary Husted.

Given his track record, to wit:
  • the Maier as a candidate for sheriff question, November, 2014, 
  • the Bernabei as an independent candidate for mayor against incumbent Canton Democrat William J. Healy, II, and 
  • the Cicchinelli as an independent candidate for mayor against incumbent Massillon Democrat Kathy Catazaro-Perry
Husted surely would have broken the Canton charter question in favor of ballot access, no?

Thankfully,  Judge Forchione with yesterday's decision erred in favor of ballot access and unplugged the pipe blockage which threatened prevent the measure from getting through to Canton voters in November.

But the question is:  Who created the blockage in the first place or phrased in terms of who persuaded William V. Sherer, II to change his vote?

A source in a position to know says that the strong suspicion is that the culprit was Politico-Plumber David Kirven.

 Kirven from the SCPR's vantage point is an inartistic political "wannabe."

Such became apparent to yours truly in February, 2013 in an account written by The Report of Kirven "behind the scenes" political manipulations on behalf of former Democratic Canton councilman Joe Cole as he and the Councilwoman-at-Large Mary Cirelli tried to outfox each other as to whom was going to run for what.

The net result was that Kirven's candidate (Cole) made what The Report thinks was the wrong choice for his own political survival which The Report posits as showing Kiven's political ineptness.

Readers really should go and read that blog (LINK). 

It is absolutely hilarious!

For those readers who do not wish to link up with the  prior blog, here is an excerpt in order to get the import of the ridiculous political thing that Kirven did.

Back in May, 2012 Kiven as a emissary from the Jefferson-Jackson Club communicated to yours truly that The Report was no longer permitted access to the meetings of the club blog purposes.

What a laugh!

Practically nobody attends those meetings and candidates who appear are surely wasting their time inasmuch as these are certainly captive votes for Democratic candidates.

Generally candidates spew out their political "red meat" in order to excite the hard core party loyalists.  To the general voting public, such material is a real turn off.  

Political parties are so bankrupt these days on new approaches, it is no wonder they do not want to hide from the public.

It's kind of like another of one of Kirven primary political pals Mayor William J. Healy, II and his "turn the camera off, Martin" demand of several months ago.

No way! Mayor!!!

In a way the Jefferson-Jackson ban is compliment to the SCPR.

Apparently, many of the Dems' candidates are so insecure that they that the recording SCPR camera will catch them in a politically embarrassing moment.  Perhaps another Phil Davison event?

Surely, Thomas Jefferson would be disgusted with anti access to the public stance of Kirven and his Jefferson-Jackson Democrats.  For the denial is not to yours truly, but rather to the public who is entitled to see candidates as they really are and not a la campaign flyer literature and to have them subject to incisive questioning.

So if a candidate is endorsed by Jefferson-Jackson under Kirven's leadership, is that a plus or a minus? 

Kirven and Healy appear to be cut of the same political cloth:  Manipulate, manipulate, manipulate.  Neither has any credibility whatsoever in the political arena insofar as the SCPR is concerned.

To sum it all up, Kirven needs to go back to plumbing and union administration and forget the politics.

He may be a terrific plumber and union administrator but one couldn't be dumber as a politician!

The Report is salivating at the prospect of Kirven as Maier's political fixer.

With Kirven on the job, undoubtedly the political pipes at the Stark County sheriff's offices will be bursting wide open with a flood of information of the politics at play within the bowels of Stark County's only countywide law enforcement factor.

Please Sheriff Maier hire David Kirven as your political dumber plumber!

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