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The Stark County Political Report was all set this morning to publish a blog on the Stark County candidate filings as the deadline for doing so for "partisan" aligned candidates passed yesterday with the close of business at the Stark County Board of Elections.

For those readers who are aching for a hint of The Report's approach to and analysis of the political significance of those filings here is the lead graphic for that blog which yours truly will publish later today.

But due to input by one of The Report's terrific sources, the "breaking news" of Eddie Elum's pending possible second discipline by the Ohio Supreme Court within the last three years or so for alleged conduct unbecoming of a judge trumps even the high interest candidate filings.

Twice in a little over two years?


Kind makes one wonder how many times the judge may have gone over the top as a judicial officer of Ohio without having been held accountable, no?  

Moreover, a question arises as to whether or not Massillon's main stream media has known about Elum's temperament problem other than the very public outburst that precipitated the filing his first publicly known disciplinary complaint a few years back.

First, here is a copy of the complaint filed:

If this new complaint filing results in a finding against Elum, it seems to the SCPR that Elum should step down as Massillon Municipal Court judge.

In all my forty (40) years of being an attorney (inactive now), never have I have seen a judge so unsuited temperament wise to hold judicial office except perhaps Stark County probate court judge Dixie Park (a Republican).

The SCPR has called for Judge Park to step down and yet she remains.

When the SCPR wrote about Elum back in March, 2010 in a clearly political context (his fuss with the then Massillon police chief), Elum fired off this salvo against me:

Who, as a member of the bar is an embarrassment?

Who does nothing to promote [if not undermine] the high ethical standards of our legal profession?

The answer to those questions came from the Ohio Supreme Court itself in October, 2012.  (See at this LINK).

One of the things that Elum did on seeing the blog about which he complained was to check and see whether or not Martin Olson had ever appeared before him.

Obviously thinking that some case had not gone my way and I was working out some kind of political vendetta against him.

Guess what he found?

Nothing, absolutely nothing!

There has been relatively little one-on-one contact between Elum and Olson and even that was in a political context when I was an active Democrat and, moreover, a sort of political mutual admiration society.

Apparently, he thinks others including me operate on the same premise as he does when critiques are forthcoming, no?

The fact of the matter Judge Elum is that the Stark County Political Report treats all subjects of SCPR blogs the same whether or not there is a personal like or dislike.

Such a rare commodity in Stark County media, I know.  But even-handedness is the reality of Stark County Political Report coverage.

And, of course, I am still waiting for Judge Elum to send me a a follow up e-mail of apology.

Is he a "honorable"  man (err judge) enough to do it?

Apparently, there is good side to Eddie Elum.

And, if you don't want to take the SCPR's word for it, just see what Elum himself has to say about himself all at Massillon taxpayer expense on the court-paid-for website (LINK).

Sort of line his pal who runs the Massillon clerk of courts office, no?  (LINK)

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