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At the "Frustaci" press conference, who should appear as the representative of the Stark County sheriff's department?

Of course, Sheriff Timothy A. Swanson?


Who then?

The de facto sheriff, that's who.  Chief Deputy Rick Perez (retire/rehire).

 Sheriff Swanson is scarce to be seen these days at the department's Atlantic boulevard facility.  The word i sthat he is set to "finally" quit in September.  However, he will not quit without taking a final shot at Stark Countians (remember, he said "poop on them" at a Stark County commissioners meeting on the sales/use tax imposition of December, 2008).

A final shot?

What might that be?

Seeing to it that long time associate and friend Rick Perez, brother of  Stark County Auditor Kim Perez becomes his successor.

This deal seems something like the Phil Giavasis (now clerk of courts at the Canton Municipal Court) escapade when he left the Stark County clerk of courts post for the greener pasture (pay wise and retirement pay build up wise) of Canton Muny.

Readers will recall that Giavasis took umbrage at Lawrence Township trustee Mike Stevens (who is now one of Massillon Mayor Frank Cicchinelli's top honchos) wanted to succeed him.

Not on your life Mike Stevens or anybody else!

Giavasis had set aside the job for his top aide Nancy Reinbold.

It just so happens that Reinbold is the wife of former Common Pleas Judge Richard Reinbold (now running against Scott Oelslager for the 29th Ohio Senate District seat).

Think she might have had an inside track to get a job in the county clerk of courts office in the first place?  Perhaps, some in the general Stark County public might take that tack.

But for the SCPR, the answer is "probably not."

After learning that the former judge will not be taking political action money in his current campaign against Republican W. Scott Oelslager in their Ohio Senate 29th District race, The Report now realizes that Richard is a strictly "on the merits"  type and it is likely co-incidental that wife Nanci ended up as a county clerk of courts employee.

Of course, it could be that this was a "no contest" situation.  That is, on the merits, there was no one better than Nancy.

Hey, when you are blessed, you are blessed!!!

The Rest of the story is that Nancy apparently is just as impressed with Giavasis as he is with her.  So when the "Car Title Czar" position opened up at the clerk's office, who did she go out and get (or did he just walk in off the street)?  Of course, another Giavasis - Louis Giavasis, Phil's brother.

Hey, doesn't it figure?  If Phil is just great shakes, why not get the next best thing, Louis.  After all, Louis knows the inside/out of Stark government being a Plain Township trustee.  Could there be a more qualified person that Louis in all of Stark County?  Of course, not!

Indeed!  What a co-incidence!  Brother Louis (to Phil) Giavasis is the "Car Title Czar."  A Stark County gets the very best.


Perez has been busy of late sprucing up his resume with the help of Swanson.  Here is an excerpt from public relations arm (the department's website) of Swanson's operation, to wit:
Tuesday October 6, 2009
The Stark County Sheriff’s Office is proud to announce that Chief Deputy Rick Perez has been chosen F.B.I.N.A.A. Graduate of the year 2009. Chief Perez is a 1995 graduate of the F.B.I. Academy and has been an active member in the Ohio Chapter since that time. Chief Perez was recognized for his willingness to work with other law enforcement agencies across the country and the role he played in the Jesse Marie Davis homicide. Chief Perez was presented the award at the F.B.I.N.A.A. fall re-trainer Wednesday September 30, 2009. 
Moreover, Perez is a graduate of the 23rd Signature class of the Leadership Stark County (a project of the Canton Regional Chamber of Commerce).

It was at an outing at the Stark County Sheriff's facility for the leadership class earlier this year, that Sheriff Swanson anointed Perez his successor.

Sheriff Swanson must know something about Perez that the SCPR is missing.  For yours truly was totally unimpressed with his handling of the Devies matter (Marlboro Chief of Police Ron Devies and son Kyle) that got going in January, 2009.  And that was a case that the quality of the investigation was such that the prosecutor could not even get Judge Sinclair to require the defense to put on its case.  Wow!

What's more is that Perez wore a wire when interviewing Ron.  Now that will inspire trust and confidence on the part of police chiefs across Stark County in Perez, no?

Will Stark Countians abide a Swanson "Jacob-esque" bless on Perez when Perez finally has to stand before the voters?

It depends.

Depends on what?

Whether or not Republican Larry Dordea decides to run in 2012.  Dordea ran a very competitive race against Swanson in 2008.  But the Jeff Matthews/Curt Braden Stark County Republican Party failed him badly.

If he does, then there is a good chance there will be a change at 4500 Atlantic Boulevard.  If he does not (and it is appearing more and more that Dordea will not be making a second run), then the pickings are slim among Republicans to run against the Stark County Democratic political machine-backed Perez.

Swanson doesn't seem to be able to get his budget under control.  He keeps asking commissioners for more and more and more money.

Guess what, Sheriff?  There ain't no more!  And there won't be for the foreseeable future.

Will Perez have improved frugality and efficiency skills than Swanson?

At whose feet did Perez learn to do the administrative work of being sheriff?  Timothy A. Swanson, right?  So does it make any sense he would be more frugal, more efficient?

For the SCPR, the apparent impending appointment of Rick Perez as the next Stark County sheriff is not a comforting thought.

Especially, if Larry Dordea elects not to run in 2010.

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