Monday, October 11, 2010


The Stark County Political Report has a lot of film footage of Congressman John Boccieri (Democrat - Alliance) and Jim Renacci (Republican - Wadsworth), Boccieri's opponent, speaking on the issues that voters of the 16th Congressional District care about in making their choice which of the two to vote for in the election that is now underway (early voting is in progress).

Between now and the actual general election day of November 2nd, the SCPR will be running excerpts of the film footage showing Boccieri's and Renacci's articulations of their positions on the many issues that will factor into voters' choices as to which one will be the 16th District congressman come January 1, 2011.

Check back to the SCPR frequently as The Report will be inter-splicing many such excerpts on a daily basis between now and November 2nd.

Today's issue is how education is on the connection between education and jobs.

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