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UPDATE:  11/17/2010 AT 9:30 AM

One of the two North Canton councilpersons said by the SCPR's source to have been the original generators of the Held/Revoldt "up for appointment" by the newly elected Kasich administration story has contacted The Report denying that such was the case. 

UPDATE:  11/16/2010 AT 10:00 AM

Reports that Mayor David Held and Councilman Daryl Revoldt are in line for a Governor-elect John Kasich appointment originated with two North Canton councilpersons.

Held contacted The Report to say that the councilperson generated speculation is just that and there is absolutely no truth to their conjecture that he is in line for a Ohio Environmental Protection Agency appointment.  While he supported Kasich's election, Held says he loves his current employment as director of the Stark-Tuscarawas-Wayne Joint Solid Waste Management entity.

Revoldt in a conversation with the SCPR reiterated emphatically that he is going nowhere.  Moreover, he said that he does not believe that Held is in for a Kasich administration appointment.  Revoldt says that the speculated moves by himself and Held absolutely makes no sense given their individual set of circumstances. 

However, if Held were to be appointed by Kasich, Revoldt says, he certainly would not be "unhappy" about Held getting an appointment while he hasn't because Held likely would have to vacate the mayor's position and that would make Revoldt mayor and Revoldt is not looking for another stint as mayor.


The SCPR is being told that North Canton Mayor David Held is to be appointed a district director for the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency.  Which district?  The Report's source did not know.  However, it could be one of five locales:  Twinsburg (Northeast District Office), Logan (Southeast District Office), Dayton (Southwest District Office, Bowling Green (Northwest District Office or Columbus (Central District Office).

Last week Held denied to The Report that he was going anywhere.  He said he was happy as the director of the Stark-Tuscarawas-Wayne Joint Solid Waste Management District (STWJSWM) and as mayor of North Canton.

It is known that Held and North Canton Council President Daryl Revoldt were both in Columbus on election day (November 2nd) participating in and celebrating the victory of Republican John Kasich over incumbent Democrat Ted Strickland by about 2 percentage points.

Despite Held's protests to the contrary, the SCPR believes Held has been itching to leave the STWJSWMD for some time.  Over recent years he has been rumored to be looking a a number of positions in Stark County and at least one in Columbus.  The SCPR has confirmed with Held that he was interested in being superintendent of the Developmental Disability Board (Stark County)  and running for State of Ohio auditor.  Moreover, the STWJSWMD has been shrinking (according to what Held has told the SCPR) in recent years going from an $8 million budget down to about $3 million.  Perhaps, the downsizing means that the job is no longer big enough for Held?

If the appointment is borne out and, particularly, if it would mean he is moving out of the area and therefore would not be in a position to continue as mayor, another justification for his seeking such a post would be his chilly relationship with North Canton Council.  Specifically, he and Councilman Jeff Davies have been at odds for some time.  

The Report tried to contact Held last evening to confirm the rumored appointment, its locale - if true and whether or not he would be remaining mayor of North Canton.

Recently (post-election), Stark County commissioner-elect Janet Creighton (who served as a Kasich campaign official) told The Report she did not know of any Stark Countians who were being considered for appointment by Kasich.

Reports persist that North Canton Council President Daryl Revoldt is anxious to get to Columbus in some capacity with a Kasich administration.  The Report's source says that Revoldt is said to be unhappy that Held has landed a Kasich appointment whereas he has been unsuccessful to date.

He has a daughter living in the capital city which appears to be an incentive for a Columbus move.  Moreover, his current employer TechniGraphics announced on October 19th that it was being purchased by CACI International Inc., of Arlington, Virginia.  Some North Cantonians believe that the sale may be a motivating factor for Revoldt to be looking at other opportunities.

Like Held, Revoldt has consistently denied to the SCPR that he is going anywhere.

The Report is skeptical of Revoldt's denials.

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