Wednesday, June 29, 2011


It appears that there are people in county government who "really" do not want to see reinstated Stark County Treasurer Gary D. Zeigler return to office.  But return he will, if county commissioners can get a bond issued to cover him as required by Ohio law.

The Report is told Zeigler "visited" his office yesterday for about thirty minutes.

While Zeigler was in office prior to being illegally removed by Commissioners Bosley, Ferguson and Meeks on August 23, 2010 according to the Ohio Supreme Court because they did not accord him "due process of law" in an ORC 321.38 removal process, he was known (according to a SCPR source) to hunker down in his office with window blinds closed.

His illegally elected replacement Alex Zumbar, on the other hand, is said to have always kept the blinds open for all to see him at all times.

Among the first things Zeigler did in his visit yesterday  - according to The Report's source - is to enter the vacant treasurer's  office with his attorney and did what?  You've got it:  closed the window blinds.

The SCPR is told that Zeigler's trip to the Stark treasury is being termed a visit because no bond has been secured yet and for him to be officially back as treasurer:   a bond is a mandatory condition.

Apparently on the theory that only official county employees are entitled to use county equipment,   it seems that within minutes of taking up occupancy in the vacant office the office phone and computer were shut down by county Information technology personnel.

'Wow!  No phone, no computer!!  Undoubtedly, Zeigler had to feel unwelcome!!!

The feeling is running so strong (at least among Alex Zumbar supporters) against Zeigler that (according to a Republican public official) the Stark County Republican Party is considering filing an ORC 3.07/3.08 action to remove him from office once again.

"Considering" is the appropriate word. 

The SCPR's read of the Republican official? It is unlikely that a ORC 3.07/3.08 action will be undertaken.

The reasons?
  • About 20,000 valid voter signatures (15% of those voting in Stark County in the 2010 Kasich/Strickland race) would have to be collected and made part of a complaint filed in the Stark County Court of Common Pleas.
  • Even if the signatures were to be collected and the complaint filed and ultimately  the case won (i.e. Zeigler is once again removed), very little would be gained in terms of removing Zeigler prior to the end of this current term (September, 2013).  Estimates indicate about six months.  With the appellate process (which one would think Zeigler would invoke), it could be that the matter would be strung out in the legal processes so that nothing - time wise - is gained.
Anti-Zeiglerites should not get their hopes up that Zeigler is not going to re-assume office.  The Report believes that commissioners will be able to get Zeigler's bond.  After all, they were able to get his bond renewed post-discovery of the Frustaci theft of county funds.

And why should they.  He was completely exonerated of any involvement whatsoever in the theft of the funds by county and federal prosecutors.

Really the only question now is whether or not Zeigler will seek re-election to another term as county treasurer.

The Report expects that he will.  That's how dug in this guy is.

Apparently, it will take the voters either in the Democratic primary in March/May 2012 or in the general election in November to get Zeigler out of office.

So Stark Countians have to wait 14 months before they can move on from Stark County Treasurer Gary D. Zeigler to remove him should he choose to run.

And Zeigler should not fantasize that the Stark County voting public will somehow change their perception that he did not properly manage the treasury so as to minimize the opportunity for the likes of Vince Frustaci to make off with Stark County taxpayer money.

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