Saturday, July 2, 2011


The only dumber thing that Jim Renacci could have done than what he did at his town hall (Conversation with your Congressman) meeting at Malone University Thursday night (i.e. bring a canned slideshow full of Republican talking points) was to bring along with him Republican Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan.

Here are some poll numbers on the popularity of  Ryan's A Roadmap for America's Future:

Oh, he did other dumb things. 

First, he showed he was acting the Republican political hack, perhaps Tea Partier, in using the politically charged term Obamacare to refer to the Affordable Care Act.  In front of a crowd of senior citizens who are scared to death of what Ryan, Renacci and the Republicans might try to do to Medicare.  You've got to be kidding, Jimbo?  Try that one on a crowd of avowed Tea Partiers, it might go over better, no?

Second, in using the inflammatory language, he set off the probability that he was going to incur hostility from many in his town hall crowd.  Anticipating that he was going to incur wrath for using the O word, he blames the attendees in advance, promising to have them thrown out if they dare react.  Real smart, huh?  People who will be voting in great numbers in November, 2012.

Third, he showed his insecurity in requiring questions to be written.  Obviously, he does not trust himself to take spontaneous questions.  The Report has seen first hand how poorly he handles the serendipitous at his North Canton town hall meeting during his campaign for congress.  

Fourth, he played the loyal Republican foot soldier in voting for Ryan's plan in a formal congressional vote.  Renacci has voted 100% with the Republican leadership after criticizing his 2010 opponent John Boccieri of voting 94% plus a little with Democrat leader Nancy Pelosi.  Maybe just maybe, folks might be able to figure out that there is just a tad of hypocrisy in Renacci.  Think maybe?
All of which lead to the question:  how smart is Jim Renacci anyway?

John Boccieri did some pretty dumb things also as a freshman congressman in making rounds around his 16th Congressional District

He went around the district with his "Congressman on your Corner" dog and pony show pretending that he was going to vote against Cap and Trade.  But anyone with any political sophistication knew that in the end he was going to vote for the bill.

Moreover, he did vote against the Affordable Care Act in an early vote on the measure (not the final vote, obviously) suggesting he might vote against its ultimate passage.  Wrong!  He got "arm twisted" by the Obama administration into voting for it.

So both Renacci and the man he defeated show/showed how little respect they have for you and I - the voters in the 16th.

When Renacci runs next it will be in a presidential year.  And he better hope that President Obama is wildly unpopular.  For he is showing that he is not very politically astute.

Let the SCPR be the first to say it.  Congressman Jim Renacci is doing his very best to be a one-term congressman.

If his new district (reapportionment is kicking in) is proximate to the currently configured district (the 16th), you can bet that he will have an opponent and The Report strongly believes that it will a Renacci/Boccieri rematch.

If Renacci keeps pumping the Paul Ryan Plan for getting the deficit under control by attacking current and future senior citizens then indeed it may well be that Renacci and Ryan go down in political flames together in November, 2012!

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