Friday, December 9, 2011


On November 28th, Governor John Kasich revealed to Ohioans that he does not read Ohio newspapers.

A man who wants the rest of us to support "everything Ohio" for its economic benefit, and, of course, - when things pick up - make him look like some kind of genius at rebuilding economies.

Someone like Kasich does have his priorities.  Political power players like the governor first and foremost protect their own egoistic needs and when they go unmet by whomever (in this case Ohio's newspapers), then, they be damned!

Obviously, he cannot stand the criticism of his programs, policies and political whatnot that find their way into Ohio's newspapers.  Undoubtedly, if he refuses to read newspapers; he certainly does not read blogs.

Moreover, as governor, he likely requires that anyone in his inner circle tell him how wonderful he is on a 24/7 basis. 

Because he chooses to live in an insular world, he jeopardizes his ability to be in touch with Ohioans and the huge returns interactive exchanges could benefit his ability to govern effectively in the context of promoting some measure of trust between the governors and the governed.

Repository Executive Editor Jeff Gauger was right to criticize Governor Kasich (Hey Governor, I don't read your stuff either, December 6, 2011).

In a "tit for tat" sort of way, Gauger taunted the governor by rejoinding that he (Gauger) does not read the press releases from the governor's office which Gauger says can number five to six a day.  Like the governor, he has one of his subordinates, tell him when something important happens to find its way into a press release.

That to the SCPR such is irresponsible journalism as is Kasich's "I don't read Ohio newspapers" irresponsible leadership.

One commentator on the Gauger blog opined about Gauger's smart alecky retort being among Gauger's best.  Really?

What Gauger's blog did for yours truly was to reflect on the prolific use of press release material in the hard news of The Repository without the use of a disclaimer.

The SCPR is privy to the same press releases that The Rep deals with.  These releases for the most part of worth reading for a number of reasons.

Foremost should be to apply a journalistic trained critique on the release as a start up point for exploring the topic in an in depth fashion so as to produce journalism that is worthy of subscribers paying a price for the privilege of reading.

Presumably, among the best critical eyes at The Rep would be those of Executive Editor Gauger.  And, yet, he like Kasich turns a blind eye.  Hmm?

What does happen at The Rep that should disturb Stark Countians is to how much - if not wholesale - of a particular press release might show up as "hard news" in Stark County's only countywide newspaper, and, again - not disclaimed!

While Gauguer was right to call Kasich on his intemperate and myopic observation about Ohio's newspapers, he - since he brought the topic of press releases up - might want to do a follow up blog that is more reflective on the proper scrutiny and use of press releases by newspapers of general circulation?

His smart assing of Kasich is amusing but not particularly productive in a journalistic sense other than to show the governor to be an example of an all to common insecure public official who typically cannot bear to see themselves as others see them.

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