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Late last night Doug Staley of the Massillon Independent posted a story online:  Area legislators ready to get down to business.

The SCPR was interested to see what momentous plans the Stark County Ohio General Assembly delegation had in mind for the benefit of Stark Countians and, of course, derivatively for all of Ohio.

After perusing the article, an stunning realization came to mind:  no mention of Stark County state Rep. Stephen Slesnick (Democrat - Canton).

Hagan (R-50th), Schuring (R-51st) and Oelslager (R-29th [Ohio Senate], but no Slesnick.


The Rodney Dangerfield of Stark County politics?

Well, The Report went checking on Slesnick and did find what is consuming his legislative passion these days.

It is House Bill No. 338, to wit:
To amend sections 3313.60, 3313.6011, 3314.03, and 3326.11 of the Revised Code to establish statutory standards for comprehensive sexual health education and HIV/AIDS prevention education in public schools and to designate section 3313.6011 of the Revised Code as the "Act for Our Children's Future." (from the Ohio House website)
And after doing a little googling, found this video of Representative Slesnick being sort of a "keynote speaker" (if you can feature him being front and center about anything) at "Trust Women Lobby Day" at the Ohio Statehouse on May 11, 2011.

"Trust Women Lobby Day" is described by The Big Ohio Blog (Ohio's Blog for Sexual Politics) thusly:
The 2011 "Trust Women" Lobby Day was a smashing success! In total, over 585 women and men from across Ohio visited the Statehouse in person or via email to deliver a clear message to Ohio lawmakers: Stop wasting precious time and money on measures that would remove our rights.
And by Planned Parenthood Affiliates of Ohio thusly:

On Tuesday, May 10th Planned Parenthood Affiliates of Ohio participated in the sixth annual Freedom of Choice Ohio Lobby Day.   Over 160 citizen-lobbyists gathered in Columbus with a shared message for Ohio’s legislators: Trust Women! 

The agenda for the day included a legislative update, lobby training, and breakout sessions hosted by experts in the fields of politics, reproductive justice, and health care.
Here is Representative Slesnick speaking to the issue on the follow YouTube video:

Apparently, this piece of legislation is his cause for celebrity as he had introduced in a prior Ohio General Assembly session to no avail.

It is interesting that The Independent (Massillon will be a part of Slesnick's new "redistricted" district, if he is re-elected) in yesterday's piece and The Repository (Slesnick's hometown newspaper) have chosen (The Rep - at least on his "crown jewel legislative effort") to ignore Slesnick.

Of course, there is not much to report.  Slesnick is a retiring type legislator in the first place and secondly he is a Democrat which puts him in a distinct minority in the Legislature and therefore unable to get anything passed unless the Republican majority allow it.

Here is a list of media outlets published by Planned Parenthood as covering Slesnick in his "star billing" moment.

Hmm?  The Repository nor The Independent is listed.

How interesting it is that The Independent and The Repository are ignoring state Representative Stephen Slesnick!

So that Slesnick is not shut out, the SCPR presents Slesnick's list of bills he has sponsored in the 129th Ohio General Assembly.

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