Monday, September 17, 2012


UPDATE:  09/17/2012 AT 10:52A.M.

The SCPR learned this morning that in reporting about Mayor Healy having $13,895.00 remote controlled blinds in his office The Report's sources apparently forget to tell yours truly about a "smart board" with big screen television capability that the mayor has in his office.

The "smart board w/big screen capability" cost Canton city government $12,673.00 according to Gary Young of the Canton city auditor's office.

And it could be that more video equipment is in the pipeline.  The Stark County Political Report has learned that the mayor has put in a requisition for additional video equipment.

A quote from Gary Young on the requisition:

In addition, as we discussed there is an additional requisition to Cleveland Corporate Services in 2012 'R1203147' for $14,995.00.
The description [of the requisition] indicates  'For Camera and Programming of Smartboard.' (emphasis added)
For a mayor who wants to increase revenues by reducing the Canton income tax credit, eliminating the Parks Department, doing oil and gas drilling on city owned lands and installing traffic cameras for the express purpose of increasing city revenues through the issuance of citations for traffic light violations and speeding, it isn't a bit much that he has such a well appointed office.

It appears to the SCPR that with his re-election in November, 2012 the mayor has taken up in added measure of political arrogance The Report has consistently opined about with regard to the mayor nearly from the beginning of the SCPR in March, 2008.

Interesting, no?


News has broken out that Mayor William J. Healy, II has hired Michelle R. Chyatte to be his media relations/constituent services (among other duties) person.

Yours truly learned of the hire at Monday night's council meeting.

But that is not the only news that broke out on Monday evening.

The SCPR also learned that Mayor Healy recently had the city purchase "remote control" blinds for his executive office located on the 8th floor of the Canton City Hall complex.

The cost?


Yep.  That's what Canton City Auditor Richard Mallonn is telling the Stark County Political Report.

While according to Ed Balint of The Repository (Healy hires employee to handle media, community relations (8/30/2012), the mayor is spinning (the SCPR's term; not Balint's) that he is actually saving the city money in replacing two employees with one, to wit:
Two other full-time employees in the mayor’s office — Qing Lin and Alexis Metezier — left their positions as office staff. Metezier’s annual salary was $25,750. Lin’s annual salary was $20,800. 
Being the wiz at math that yours truly is, the indisputable numbers show that Healy "apparently" is saving Canton taxpayers, but at the end of the day he has "unnecessarily" (remote controlled blinds?) cost Cantonians $6,145.00!

A roll of the drums, please.

Ladies and Gentlemen, lend me your ears.

Healy's numbers on the two employees exchanged for one is?

You've got it.


Moreover, the net number in the spreadsheet above undermine the credibility of the need of that part of Healy budget revenue recovery plan focused on reorganizing the Canton Parks Commissioners (a dubious $100,000 savings) a tad more incredible, no?

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