Friday, May 16, 2014



At the conclusion of today's court session on the question of whether or not Jodi Buchanan was going to get her cats back, it was a thumbs up for Ms. Buchanan.

She already had five (5) of them retrieved. 

Tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. she is to get the remaining four (4) back.  The transaction is to be videotaped.

The title of this blog comes from a comment by Buchanan attorney Michela Huth as Stark County Court of Common Pleas judge John Haas thanked the parties for working with him to resolve the dispute before  him on the city of Canton's contention that Buchanan had too many cats (10 in all; one, the SCPR is told, died) because Canton has a ordinance which allows for only five (5) cats to be kept in a city of Canton residence.

Huth, as Judge Haas shook hands with her could be heard to say, "Judge, you are a great mediator."

And indeed, if you are the City of Canton and the Canton Police Department (CPD) and maybe even the Stark County Humane Society (working at the request of and in conjunction with the CPD) and the various individuals involved in the taking of Buchanan's cats on May 5th, the wisdom that Judge Haas applied in bringing the parties to an agreement today likely spared them further litigation in the civil arena.

While Attorney Huth was gracious with and complementary of Judge Haas, she was not particularly happy the outcome of the negotiations which apparently took upwards of an hour (the hearing was set for 1:00 p.m., the articulation of the agreement by Judge Haas came shortly after 2:00 p.m.)

To be noted in the video which follows, the SCPR thinks, is the judge's emphasis on Ms. Buchanan's agreement to waive her rights to pursue any legal claims against any of the entities and personages connected with the May 5th and after actions.

Attorney Huth refused to comment on Judge Haas observation (as seen in the video) that he understood that Huth and her client were not happy with certain aspects of the agreement.

Knowing a thing or two about these sorts of things, the SCPR speculates that the displeasure had more to do with the waiver than any other part of the agreement.

The incident has to be embarrassing to the Canton Police Department and the Healy administration.

For the CPD it seems as if the department is up to enforcing ordinances on the number animals one can keep, but does not do such a great job on keeping the streets free of gunfire and other violent activity that makes Canton an unattractive place for anyone to live or visit.

An Internet site ranks Canton, for cities of its size, the 6th "most dangerous in terms of crime."  And the SCPR does not think that numbers of animals kept in residences in violation of city ordinances is part of the criteria used in coming up with the ranking.

For the mayor, the Buchanan matter, The Report thinks, places in doubt his ongoing testament to the effect that the CPD has its priorities straight.



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