Wednesday, August 20, 2014


The Stark County Political Report has published some pretty startling number in this ongoing series examining whether or not there is evidence of "gender discrimination" in Stark County government.

Volumes 1 through 9 of this series focused on county government.

Here are links to those blogs:
Today, the SCPR begins this blog's focus on the city of Canton.

And it is not a very pretty picture.

But before getting into the specifics of the Canton male/female equity picture, The Report diverts a bit to add a personal note.

As the father of three daughters The Report (one of five boys in a family of eight, growing up) has gotten a "up close and personal" look of how in the 1970s, 1980s, the 1990s, the 2000s and, yes, even in 2014 gender discrimination flourishes in America, Ohio and indeed our own Stark County.

I can spin quite of number of tales about the gender discrimination the Olson girls have experienced during their lives.

As their father, I have stood toe-to-toe along side them "fighting the good fight" on behalf of fairness to more than half the American population.

Of course, I am far from finished with this fight.

And it is important for the well being of our great nation, state and county that men join in the fight to fully embrace and include 51.5% (Stark County) of our population.

Everyone who reads this blog needs also to read Gail Collins' epic work on how America has "historically" mal-treated women.

In coming volumes, the SCPR will delve into the specifics of the city of Canton (a bastion of supposedly "liberal" Democratic Party politics) treatment of women.

The SCPR's initial take on Canton government's performance on gender equity is that Canton makes Stark County departments of government look like gender equity progressives.

To whet your interest in what is to come with ensuing SCPR reports on Canton, take a look at this graphic:

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