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It will be interesting to see on October 23rd when the pre-general election campaign finance statements need to be filed with the Stark County Board of Elections which Stark County sheriff department employees caved into what seems to be a George T. Maier "I expect you to contribute according to your rank to my October 4, 2014 fundraiser."

SCPR readers will, of course, get a report from the SCPR on or about October 24th as to whom - by name - "might" have been intimidated by the following Maier solicitation.

The SCPR will also be checking to see if Maier campaign official Margaret Elum (top administrative assistant to Massillon mayor Kathy Catazaro-Perry and wife of Massillon Municipal Court judge Edward Elum) keeps the addresses of contributing deputies off the report as required by Ohio law.

Last time out, the addresses appeared.

When requested, the SCPR was only too happy to comply with deputy entreaties to remove their addresses.

The SCPR did not at the time know who is a deputy and who is not.  Elum and George T. Maier certainly do.

Their real beef was with Elum, Maier or whomever put the post-primary campaign finance report in the public record with the addresses included.

Maybe those same deputies who called the SCPR ought to be calling Elum with their concerns prior to the submission of the pre-general report?


Take a look at the ticket stub.

Outrageous, simply outrageous are George T. Maier and his political advisers.

Political advisers?

Who might they be?

How about brother and former Stark County Dems chairman Johnnie A. Maier, Jr and the Stark Democratic Party political director R. Shane Jackson?

Think that might be "right on the mark?"

It is appearing more and more to the SCPR that George, Johnnie, Jr and Shane are "eating, drinking and sleeping" - get George T. Maier elected.

More and more Stark Countians have to be thinking that George T. Maier has invoked the power of his office to engender support through intimidation.

The Report thinks that in their minds, the only thing in the election is "the George T. Maier" thing.  Nothing else, apparently, in the 2014 election counts.

A bit "over-the-top," no?


Kind of like Commissioner Janet Creighton saying last Wednesday whom she supports as between fellow Republican Larry Dordea and Maier:  (paraphrase) "All I care about is me (she is running "unopposed" for reelection) and Governor John Kasich (whose campaign she heads up in northeast Ohio)."

Not a very pretty picture of Commissioner Creighton, if you are Larry Dordea, no?

The SCPR has, in the past, seen Creighton as being a dependable, reliable and supportive of deserving (in terms of being quality candidates) Republican candidates.

And in the SCPR's book, Dordea meets that criteria.

So why would Creighton dodge the opportunity to give Dordea a resounding endorsement?

How deep does Creighton's Republicanism go anyway?


The Maier fundraiser ticket was sent along to the SCPR last evening by former sheriff Tim Swanson along with this comment:

It appears to HINT (intimidation) that if you hold a particular rank as listed, that's the ticket you should purchase.

Several I've heard from feel extremely threatened or in fear of loosing their jobs or assignments.

Management through intimidation, it wasn't taught in any leadership courses I received at the SO, FBI academy or during 20 years in the military.
Did you ever wonder what he (Maier) did with the funds he collected from his first fund raiser for Sheriff and then declared by the Ohio Supreme Court to illegally usurped the office. It appears those funds would need to be returned or donated to charity. 

Think about it.

Tim Swanson 

(SCPR NOTE:  color added to portions of Swanson text for emphasis sake)

As of the date of this blog, nothing that George T. Maier does "political-wise" surprises The Stark County Political Report.

Last night yours truly was at the Stark County Education Service Center (SCESC) 64th annual Stark County school district Bus Driver and Mechanics Recognition Dinner held this year at Northwest High School located in Canal Fulton.

Spouse Mary is in her seventh year as a member of the board.
Guess who else was their in full uniform dress? 

You've got it:  George T. Maier.

The Report is told that whomever happens to be sheriff is invited to the event each and every year.

Well, last year Maier was still in office as the Stark County Democratic Party Central Committee appointed sheriff.

He was not given the boot by the Ohio Supreme Court until November 6, 2013 having been illegally appointed by the Dems on February 5th.

The expulsion from office having come after the January, 2013 statement by Maier:

Maier, though sheriff at the time,  was a "no show" in the SCESC event in 2013.

Year 2014, of course, is a different story for it is an election year.


Should Maier get elected, the SCPR thinks that he will be nowhere to be seen at the 2015 SESC annual event.

For all his policing credentials, Maier is proving to be quite the political animal.

Even for the SCPR his degree of politicization has come as an evolving and surprising revelation about George T. Maier.

Brother Johnnie, no surprise!

But George, yes.

With his focus on learning to be a professional cop, one would think that he would be like his one time opponent Lou Darrow, for whom, the SCPR thinks, was a case of "politics being a necessary evil."

Darrow apparent disdain for politics makes it all the more amazing that he came within 8 votes in February, 2013 of being coming "a legally qualified" sheriff.

The vote on February 5, 2013 was 92 for Maier, 84 for Darrow and 1 for Republican Larry Dordea, who, of course, remains as a Maier opponent.

The question that should be haunting the Maier forces is whether or not those 84 votes will show up in the election tally in the late night hours of November 4, 2014.

It is interesting that Swanson, in his email to the SCPR, raises the spectre of Maier possibly being in for new rounds of legal problems.

Others have written the SCPR asking about the legal appropriateness of various sheriff department employees being involved in Maier's campaign.


Undoubtedly, there are "legal eagles" out there who are taking a close look at Swanson's point and assessing the involvement of certain types of employees being heavily involved in the "Keep Sheriff Maier" effort.

A week from today Maier's legal counsel will have had to have filed his motion in opposition to Swanson attorney Crag T. Conley motion for summary judgment on Swanson's personal liability claim against Maier as the Stark Democratic Party appointee for having usurped Swanson's position as sheriff.

Indications are that a decision may well be forthcoming before November 4th.

The SCPR would not be surprised to see the following headline:  Maier found liable to Swanson to the tune of $90,000.

The Report thinks that Maier attorney Thomas Rosenberg senses that too.

The Report is told that Rosenberg argued in a telephone conversation to Judge Linton Lewis, Jr. (of DeRolf school funding fame - LINK to Columbus Dispatch article) that he should commit not to making a decision until after the election.

He got no such assurance.

In fact, Judge Lewis has ordered the closure of pleadings on October 16th and a decision could come down any day after the 16th comes and goes.

And Rosenberg is said to have - in that same telephone conversation - accused Swanson of using the personal liability lawsuit to help defeat Maier on November 4th.

But Swanson through his attorney denies that such is the case.   Conley says that they are invoking his legal rights as provided by the "rule of law" as articulated by the Ohio Supreme Court.

Swanson has promised, after legal expenses have been paid, to donate what remains of the judgment amount to a favorite charity:  Wishes Can Happen.

For all the criticism that Swanson has received over the last several years in his capacity as sheriff (some of it coming from the SCPR), it seems he is light years ahead of George T. Maier when it comes to character issues and ethics issues, no?

And he is certainly "leaps and bounds" more mature than Maier.


Notwithstanding the critical SCPR blogs of yesteryear, he has never once refused to answer The Report incisive questionning.

The Report would love to ask Maier two questions and get responsive (not "beat around the bush, hem-haw types) answers.

One, please respond specifically to allegations contained in the Columbus Dispatch article of August 28, 2008 (Director quashed inquiry into No. 2 [George T. Maier], [Public safety chief rejects more action in intimidation case].

Two, was Lawrence Township trustee and the-then Massillon streets supervisor correct in his version of the Kathy Catazaro-Perry campaign sign incident?

The chances of the SCPR getting to ask these questions and getting a responsive to the question answer is between "Slim and None," with Slim just having left town.

In a phrase, George T. Maier is arrogant to the point that he thinks he is not accountable to the Stark County public!

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