Monday, May 4, 2015


Stark County Commissioner Thomas Bernabei shocked the Canton political world by filing as an "independent" candidate, as reported by the Stark County Board of Elections at 4:10 p.m. today on its website, to run in opposition to the Kim Perez (Canton treasurer) versus Mayor William J. Healy, II Democratic primary winner tomorrow.

The Stark County Political Report was way out in front of other media outlets on this story having written a blog early this morning on the basis of having received a tip from a highly reliable (single) source whom The Report has found to be impeccable as a source.

The Report interviewed Bernabei after the conclusion of a Stark County Board of Commissioners work session meeting at about 10:30 a.m. during which he refused to say one way or the other as to if he was going to file.

Months ago a rumor surfaced that this former long term Canton law director, city councilman and top level official in the initial Healy administration was going to take his nemesis on.

Healy humiliated Bernabei (the SCPR's highest ranking Stark County leader in The Report recently published "Top 10" list) in January, 2009 when he fired Bernabei from his job as Canton service director and chief of staff while Bernabei was out-of-town.

The SCPR has written many blogs that the only chance that Healy had of succeeding as mayor was for him to treasure the terrific asset he had in Bernabei as well as the highly regarded initial Healy administration safety director Tom Nesbitt.

Both Bernabei and Nesbitt are "speak truth to power" folks, who, in official capacities themselves accept criticism in terms of self-examination and taking correctives when they think a critic has made a valid point.

William J. Healy, II has shown the SCPR nothing of the like.

He surrounds himself with folks who are apt, when asked to jump, to respond "how high."

But Healy is not the only Stark County elected official who has this "political 'fatal' flaw."

Should he win, Kim Perez has in a varying degree the same political flaws that Healy has.

So his election would be no reason at all for Bernabei to withdraw.

As for other Stark County elected officials, anyone who reads the SCPR on a regular basis knows who yours truly is referring to.

The quicker Stark Countians can rid themselves of the likes of Healy and other highly politicized and manipulative politicians, the sooner this great county will recover from decades of decline as evidenced by the dramatic drop off of the county seat.

Benabei working with Republican Janet Creighton has restored Stark County to a status of trust out of the devastation that took place in the Stark County treasury pre-April, 2009.

While Canton's problems of a different order, it will take all the strength, wisdom and endurance that Thomas Bernabei can muster if Cantonians are wise enough to elect him in November for him begin righting the "Ship of City" to "true North!"

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