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Answer:  YES!

So The Stark County Political Report thinks.

The Report has been writing for the better part of two years that Reinbold has been contemplating retirement as Stark County clerk of courts and predicting that there would be a Giavasis to Reinbold to Giavasis cycle materialize.

Nancy Reinbold got the job in the first place on the recommendation of her former boss Phil Giavasis when he in 2008 prevailed on the Stark County Democratic Central Committee (Johnnie A. Maier, Jr. the-then chairman of the Stark Dems) for the area covering the Canton Municipal Court District to appoint him to succeed retiring long time clerk of courts Tom Harmon.  Harmon himself went on to be a Stark Dems' appointed county commissioner.;

Jumping from the county to Canton brought Phil Giavasis substantially more annual income which of course builds into a much more lucrative retirement.

Some Stark Countians thought that the Phil Giavasis vacancy was open for the general Stark County public to apply for.

One such person was Lawrence Township trustee Mike Stevens.

From a May 1, 2008 SCPR Blog:
[W]hen Lawrence Township Trustee Michael Stevens heard of the apparent vacancy; he went and talked to Giavasis to express an interest in succeeding Phil.  
As Stevens tells it, Giavasis became visibly annoyed and upset that Stevens would be interested. 
Apparently, Phil had let it be known through Stark County Democratic Party chairman Johnnie A. Maier, Jr., that he already knew who his successor would be and that person would be Nancy Reinbold (wife of retiring Stark County Court of Common Pleas judge Richard Reinbold).
One has to believe she has been a mere caretaker for Family Brothers Giavasis until the brother Louis of her benefactor Phil could put himself in a credible position to succeed her.

She gave Louis his start in 2008 after she took over.

A thank you to Phil for recommending her for the job?

Of course, Ohio law prevented Phil himself from hiring a relative.

Undoubtedly, Nancy has a "best person available" story on her hiring of Louis Giavasis someone like Democrat Stark County recorder Rick Campbell had at the ready when he hired politically connected Kody Gonzalez as his chief deputy.

There are many, many inside jobs in Stark County Political subdivision government involving both the Stark County Democratic Party and the Stark County Republican Party.

For the most part, the Stark County taxpaying public can forget applying for Reinbold type jobs that come open.

What audacity! A politically unconnected person applying for a taxpayer paid for job?  You have to be kidding, no?

The foregoing thinking, The Report believes, is typical entitlement thinking that many leaders of Stark County political subdivision governments engage in.

One of the funniest "hiring politically connected" persons for taxpayer supported  took place when Stark County Board of Elections (BOE, Board) director Jeff Matthews appeared at county commissioners' work session to discuss the BOE's 2014 budget.

In the discourse, Matthews let it be known that the Board would be soon hiring some new personnel.

Would the BOE, Commissioner Regula wanted to know, be posting the positions?

As a matter of Ohio statutory law, the Ohio General Assembly has made the guardians of the integrity of our democratic-republican elections a partisan political structure.

This morning beginning at 09:00 a.m., we witness Commissioner Thomas Bernabei's attempt to get certified as an independent candidate for mayor of Canton at the BOE headquarters located at 3525 Regent in Canton.

Next Monday morning, it will be former Massillon mayor Frank Cicchinelli, Jr attempting to get certified to run as an independent for mayor of Massillon.

To say the least, independents are not favored by either the the Democrat or Republican BOE members and both Bernabei and Cicchinelli have a tough road ahead of them.

And to say it again, the Republicans and Democrats have no problem at all using your money and my money as members of the taxpaying public to support perpetuating themselves and their inside-the-political-beltway-connected friends in office.

No wonder that increasing numbers of citizens are opting out of our democratic-republican system even at the basic level of voting.

The Report believes that the office holding Reinbolds, Matthewses, Giavasises, Harolds, Maiers, Zumbars, Harmons and their ilk are slowly but surely eating away at the public's confidence in the integrity of local institutions of government in terms of the general public's access to taxpayer supported jobs which over time will coalesce with other "the public be damned attitudes" on the part of elected officials and thereby undermine the health of our cherished democratic-republic.

Undoubtedly, these folks will be pointing the finger at others as it becomes more and more apparent that public support for the the American government as administered in waning.

No mirrors allowed in the offices of these folks!

The Stark County Political Report loves the reported magnanimity of Louis Giavasis.

If he gets appointed to succeed Reinbold, he is going to resign as Plain Township trustee.

What a terrific guy this Louis Giavasis is, no?

Selflessness personified, no?

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