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On Monday evening a massive - for a political campaign fundraiser - turnout (in the hundreds) of a mash of Democrats, Republicans and "independents" at a Thomas Bernabei for Mayor fundraiser at the Canton Brewing Company told you everything you need to know in terms of who is going to win the November 3, 2015 election between Bernabei and eight year incumbent Democratic mayor William J. Healy, II.

Not only was the turnout impressive in terms of numbers, but it included some of Stark County's most influential citizens.


Most notably Tim Timken of The Timken Company.

Another notable presence was that of newly appointed by the Stark County Democratic Party Central Committee a mere week ago (September 10th) as Stark County clerk of courts; namely, Louis Giavasis:  the brother of Stark County Democratic Party chairman Phil Giavasis.

And there were many, many, many other political and government notables (Democrats, Republicans and "independents") attending the event.

Louis Giavasis supporting Bernabei over Healy is an example of "the chickens coming home to roost" or "what goes around, comes around" on Healy's treatment of various Stark County political and government figures over his eight years of mayor.

Giavasis tells a story of how dastardly he was treated by Healy when he once applied to be the Healy administration service director.

Of course, Bernabei himself, Healy's first service director and chief of staff was fired by the mayor in January, 2009 about one year after taking office.

The Canton Brewing Company (as shown above) is about four "within walking distance" blocks away from the 8th floor of Canton City Hall and the mayor's office and one has to wonder whether or not Bernabei will do a memorial walk from 120 3rd St NW to Canton City Hall as he newly sworn in mayor of Canton on January 1, 2016 in recognition that the fundraiser at the Canton Brewing Company was a clear indicator that he would be elected mayor on November 3rd.

Somewhat similar to what the SCPR did in Bernabei's Stark County commissioner colleague Janet Creighton's race against then incumbent Democratic commissioner Steven Meeks (a former Jackson Township trustee and official in Democratic governor Ted Strickland's administration) in November, 2010, today The Report predicts that the newly "independent" (as validated by the Ohio Supreme Court on Wednesay, September 9th) Bernabei will handily defeat William J. Healy, II in the upcoming general election of November 3, 2015 some 48 days.

Creighton won by a wide margin and predicted early on by the SCPR and Thomas Bernabei will too.

There is no doubt that Healy who was at the zenith of his reign as mayor on March 18th as he gave his State of the City message on the theme "Could You Have Imagined?" in which he details his perception of Healy administration accomplishments during his nearly eight years as mayor has to be absolutely stunned at the turn of events in the remainder of 2015.

In a twist on Healy's State of the City theme, Could He Have Imagined on March 18th that:
  • There would some anxious moments among Healy supporters whether or not the mayor would survive Canton treasurer Kim Perez's challenge in the Democratic primary election of May 5th?
  • The day before, May 4th, that Tom Bernabei would decide to abandon his Democratic Party identity to challenge him in November's general election?
Sources are telling the SCPR that Healy is lashing out at his past Democratic Party supporters and campaign donors promising recrimination and retaliation on the chance that survives the Bernabei challenge and is re-elected mayor.

Recently the Fraternal Order of Police endorsed Bernabei for mayor and The Report is told that Healy was heard to be screaming out in rage on learning that he did not gain the endorsement.

There are those who think Healy recriminated against the Canton firefighters union in the aftermath of the union having endorsed Republican A.R. "Chip" Conde in the 2011 mayor's race in terms of curtailing the scope of fire and EMS coverage in Canton under the guise of fragile city finances.

The result of Healy's intimidating conduct is likely to be that in the secrecy of the ballot booth many of the Democrat recipients of the threats (and their family and friends) will be marking an "X" by the name of Thomas M. Bernabei for mayor of Canton.

Beyond the Healy intimidation, many Democrats fondly remember Bernabei from his days as the long time law director of Canton and will bolt the party in favor of his candidacy on election day.

And don't you think they will be prevailing on family of friends to vote for him also?

And, of course, nearly every voting Canton Republican (as scarce as they are compared to registered Democrats, but they vote in higher numbers than Democrats) will be choosing Bernabei.

And The Report has not even gotten to registered "non-partisan" voters.  Who do you think these folks might be voting for?

Isn't "the jig up" for Healy?

As the SCPR has written frequently, William J. Healy, II undoubtedly is the envy of the proverbial cat of nine lives in terms of his survived self-inflicted:
  1. crisis, 
  2. after crisis, 
  3. after crisis, 
  4. after crisis,
  5. after crisis,
  6. after crisis,
  7. after crisis,
  8. after crisis,
  9. after crisis, and
  10. after crisis, seemingly without end.
As readers of the SCPR know, yours truly has conjectured in previous blogs that Bernabei's switch from being a staunch Democrat for all of his adult political life to becoming an "independent" on May 4th has more depth to it than the reported "Bernabei was turned off by the Healy/Perez Debate" days before the May 5th primary election.

That "Tim" Timken, Jr. showed up a Bernabei's event is plenty of indication to the SCPR that yours truly is on to something as to "the real reason" Bernabei made the switch.  Folks like Timken usually operate behind the scenes.

His coming forth publicly surely is evidence that corporate movers and shakers of Canton and indeed Stark County are a significant factor in Bernabei deciding to take Healy on in the general election, no?
    The SCPR thinks that Cantonians have finally had enough of Healy and as in the biblical Old Testament, to wit:  (Daniel 5:25-27)

    25"Now this is the inscription that was written out: 'MENE, MENE, TEKEL, UPHARSIN.' 26"This is the interpretation of the message: 'MENE '-- God has numbered your kingdom and put an end to it. 27"'TEKEL '-- you have been weighed on the scales and found deficient.…

    In the secular world, the voters of Canton are the authority on whether or not Healy will continue as mayor.

    And the SCPR thinks that the Canton Brewing Company event is the equivalent "handwriting on the wall" for one William J. Healy, II!

    Accordingly, the SCPR predicts that "independent" Thomas M. Bernabei will be elected mayor of Canton on November 3, 2015.

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