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Bebe Bernabei, Kim Kingsbury,  Joe Martuccio, Shawna Bazen,  Joe Concatto,
A.R. "Chip" Conde, Lee Cote, Steve Coons, Richard Gatien, Greg Hawk, 
Mike Hanke, Bill Smuckler and Julie Sparks




Stark County Commissioner Creighton Celebrates

Tom Bernabei's FIRST Mayor-Elect Media Interview


Bernabei's Grand Entry & Speech


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It is day old news that sitting Stark County commissioner Thomas M. Bernabei is now "Mayor-Elect Thomas M. Bernabei" as a consequence of his having defeated incumbent Democratic mayor William J. Healy, II who was seeking a third term as mayor of Canton.

Nevertheless, The Report having done a dozen or so interviews of Bernabei relatives, Bernabei himself, everyday citizens, Canton government officials, Stark County government officials, entrepreneur Steve Coons and others presents those all in one place that being in this particular blog.

First up, Bebe Bernabei, wife, of course, of Mayor-Elect Thomas Bernabei.

Next up is Kim Kingsbury, Tom's daughter and an Canton Public Schools educator.

Third, Bernabei's long term legal profession protege (as colleagues in the Canton Law Department for the many years Bernabei served as law director and who was instrument in Martuccio himself suceeding him as law director) Joe Martuccio.

Next is Shawna Bazen, one of a number of "everyday citizens" of Canton who went the extra mile in an endeavor to do public service in running for the Canton Charter Commission (Issue #47 which failed on Tuesday) and who doubled up as an ardent Tom Bernabei supporter.

Fourth is long time Stark Countian Joe Concatto who served in Republican Janet Creighton's (2008 - 2011) Canton mayoralty administration and who is currently Stark County's (SCOG - Stark County Councils of Government) 9-1-1 CAD (Computer Aided Dispatch) project manager.

Fifth on the SCPR's interview list, is A.R. Conde (a Republican) who himself ran against Healy in an attempt to deny Healy a second term.

Next up is Stark County entrepreneur Steve Coon, owner of Coon Restoration, who rehabbed with the financial help of Canton City Council at the urging of the Healy administration the former historic Canton Onesto Hotel into the upscale Onesto Loffs condominiums.  In a sidenote, old time Canton/Stark County Democrats (perhaps, Canton City Council president Allen Schulman remembers) will recall how the Onesto used to be known as the Democrats "watering hole" in the days that Roy Guiterrez and Earle Wise headed up "organized" Democratic politics in Stark County.

Seventh on the SCPR Tuesday night interview list was Canton's most venerable citizen activist Lee Code.

Number eight on the SCPR list, Richard Gatien had a bittersweet night on Tuesday.  Gatien has been a leading proponent for Charter Government for Canton and therefore had to be saddened at the loss of Issue #47.  However, he was overjoyed at the Bernabei mayoralty victory.

Next up is Ward 1 Councilman Greg Hawk is going back a number of years has been bitter enemies with now lame duck mayor William J. Healy, II.

The tenth interviewed person on election night was former Canton Repository executive level editor and former Stark County chief administration (partially during the time of Bernabei and Creighton) Mike Hanke.

Next on the SCPR Tuesday night interview list is Canton/Stark County businessman Dan McMasters (a proponent of Issue #47) who worked side by side with Bernabei and Commissioner Janet Creighton in 2011 to gain passage of an eight year 1/2 cent Justice System Sales Tax increase.

Coming up next (12 on the SCPR election night interview list) is Councilman at Large Bill Smuckler.  As the dean of Canton City Council and one of Bernabei's minority support on council (West, Smith, Fisher, Dougherty, Mariol, Mack and Morris all support Healy), Smuckler will be the torch bearer on Bernabei legislative initiatives with council.

The final interview in Canton citizen Julie Sparks who ran for a position on the commission on the Tuesday failed Canton charter government issue.


First, Bernabei's Grand Entry & Victory Speech

Second, Mayor-Elect Bernabei's First Media Interview


Third, Stark County Commissioner Janet Creighton

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