Tuesday, February 2, 2016


Stark County has been enjoying one of the mildest winters on record since weather records have been kept.

And we want to keep it going, no?

But as February 2, 2016 dawned, the word is that a groundhog living with North Canton city limits crawled out of his hole, took a look at a blazing sun and scurried back down into family burrow.

So it is likely that Groundhog Day lore will kick in and North Canton and all of Stark County will be experiencing six more weeks of winter.

Let's hope that its like what we have been having since the onset of "official" winter on December 22, 2015.

North Canton City Council's announcement (through President Daniel "Jeff" Peters) at council's meeting last night that:
  • Council will not be proceeding with legislation to put greater restrictions (i.e. other than the current "shall not be disruptive") on the videotaping of council meetings,
  • Citizens will be permitted to speak at each and every council meeting, and
  • Council will continue to meeting weekly (except in the summer)
 may be harbinger that the next six weeks of seasonal winter will be on "the warming up side."

A mere week ago, things will looking dark, dank and downright hostile to open government in North Canton, to wit:  (LINK)

The SCPR believes that President Daniel "Jeff" Peters is beginning to "take the bull by the horns" and demonstrate leadership on the matter of opening up North Canton government in the direction of being more hospitable to The Dogwood City citizenry.

In a communication with The Report, in part, said:

Although your opinions as it pertains to me are usually way off base, it does give me and my family something to talk about. I use you and your blog sometimes as a "teachable moment" for my daughters.

The SCPR would be delighted if it turns out that yours truly's opinion of President Peters is shown to be "way off base."

Like SCPR blogs or not, the mission of The Report is to nudge the likes of Peters into demonstrating responsible and effective leadership.

Hopefully, his announcements of last night are a move on the part of North Canton City Council from a clearly "hostile to citizens"  mode to a "citizen friendly" mode.

The Report is also told that Law Director Fox spoke nary a word at last night's meeting.

That is a good thing.  For over the past two and one-half years it has appeared that Fox was as an unelected official running nearly all of North Canton government.

May his low profile continue and President Peters, council and the mayor show that Tim Fox is not the "be all, end all" of North Canton government.

May the sun shine brilliantly in the chambers of North Canton government from here on out.

If such happens, even the bitterest cold, snowy day over the next six weeks will be a small price to pay for signal of more open government in North Canton.

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