Tuesday, August 16, 2016


On her website (lower half of the graphic above),  Republican state Representative Christina Hagan touts herself as being "a trusted voice for northeast Ohio."

There is nothing more important to each and everyone of us than our personal health which, of course, when it comes to infectious disease depends on tamping down health problems in the community at-large and especially so in the community of doctors, nurses and other health care providers.

The Stark County Political Report believes that Hagan, the primary sponsor of HB 170, is on a course that could place every Stark Countian and Ohioan on the front lines of personal health risk if her bill passes.

Hagan was appointed as a state representative in March, 2011 by the Ohio House Republican Caucus for Ohio's 50th Ohio House district.

She is running for a third term in the general election coming up on November 8th.

Her opponent is Democrat John Juergensen.

Here is a LINK to Hagan's track record as a state representative on key legislation.

The SCPR considers her to be part of the "extreme" religious right wing of the Ohio Republican Party.

Moreover, she may be part of the "anti-inoculation" movement that has. been making political noise across the country which appears to have a conspiratorial thinking tone it.

Readers of this blog would do well by themselves in reading this account of a person who has been on both sides of the issue of the efficacy of innoculations (LINK).

There has been quite a bit of testimony on Hagan's HB 170.  Check it out for yourself (LINK).

For the SCPR, the most compelling testimony is the June 9, 2015 testimony of Rich Frank, Senior Director Government Affairs, of the Ohio Hospital Association, to wit (an extract):

The Ohio Hospital Association is very concerned that this legislation is reckless and dangerous

Our member hospitals highest priority must be to protect patients, our employees and the community, many of whom are exceptionally vulnerable to adverse outcomes from the flu.  Some people, such as older adults, pregnant women and very young children as well as people with certain medical conditions are at high risk of serious complication.  Healthcare personnel have frequent contact with these high risk patents in many settings.  Not just in the patient’s room or in an operating room, but also in places such as elevators and the cafeteria.  These employees can serve as a vehicle to transmit influenza one day before symptoms develop.  In fact, up to 25% of healthcare personnel with the flu may have minimal or no symptoms yet can still transmit infection.  It is important understand that each year, approximately 226,000 people are hospitalized and 36,000 people die due to the flu.  The flu vaccine is the most effective method to prevent influenza.  (large type emphasis added)

On most issues, Representative Hagan in right in line with the positions of the Ohio Chamber of Commerce.

But not on HB 170, to wit:

Hagan is for small government except when she wants to impose her religious values on the rest of us including the right of a woman to control her own body.

Readers of the SCPR know that The Report always provides space for those who speak out for a different point of view.

Take a look at Hartville resident Anthony DiBiase's testimony:

Voters in the 50th District need to be asking themselves whether or not state Representative Christina Hagan represents a "clear and present danger" to the health well-being of all of us.

To the SCPR, her HB 170 does is ample evidence is that she is willing the sacrifice the well being of the many for the misguided notions of a few.

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