Tuesday, September 6, 2016


The above graphic is a screen shot of the Stark County, Ohio "organized" Republican Party "candidates" page at Stark GOP.org.

Not a word on GOP presidential standard bearer:  Donald J. Trump.

Not to be outdone, the Stark Dems's website shows that they are every bit the equal of Stark's official Republicans in avoiding the trumpeting of Dems' presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

In many political jurisdictions across the nation, it may be that local Republicans and Democrats are keeping their distance from their respective presidential candidates given the high voter negatives on each as shown in a recent ABC/Washington Post poll:

It appears that the local GOP's seeming avoidance of "anything Trump" has caught the attention of Stark County's foremost Trump support; namely, one Ralph Case.

On Sunday he met with Republican Stark County commissioner Janet Creighton (whom, in the estimate of the SCPR, is Stark's most powerful and popular Republican) to gauge her interest in pitching in with groups—other than the official Stark County Republican Party effort, if there is one—to get Trump elected president of the United States and on the way to carry Stark County.

Case tells the SCPR that he came away from the meetup with Creighton impressed with Creighton and her willingness to mouth—seemingly as a lone wolf among area Republican elected officials—support for Trump.

But Case has taken a Missouri-esque "Show-Me" stance on whether or not Creighton is just so much talk and little or no action.

Presently, the SCPR has learned, the Stark GOP has an amebic effort underway for Trump.

Each and every Saturday,  The Report is told,  Stark's Jeff Matthews led Republicans (he is also director of the Stark County Board of Elections, do some sort of campaign action on behalf of Trump.

This contrasted to the Case-led effort which has all the earmarks of being a robust effort to carry Trump over-the-top in Stark County.

Nevertheless, Case can't be more laudatory of Stark GOP chairman Matthews in saying that Matthews is doing everything he can do to promote the Trump candidacy.


It could be that Case is not directing criticism at Matthews in hopes that he can nudge the local Republican chief into doing more to help Trump in Stark.

From what the SCPR sees, Case's praise of Matthews is unmerited.

If, over the final 9 weeks of the 2016 election cycle, Creighton proves out to be "more bark, than bite" and Matthews is not able to convince local Republican Party ground troops to get energized for Trump, then it will be "game over" for Donald J. Trump.

The one Stark County person who can hold his head high for his devotion to the the Trump candidacy is Ralph Case.

Back in March of this year at his own expense and on his own initiative he opened a Stark County sited Trump operation.

But after the passing of the primary election, upper level Trump organization people moved in to move Case out.


Yes, really!

It seems that Ralph Case is a truly transparent politico who is refreshingly candid in responding to media questions—speaking only for himself—about the man that he thinks is the answer to what ails America.

Case has been—especially in the primary election season— a source of perspective on the Trump candidacy on the part of quite a number of national media types.

And Case spoke "unauthorized" to the media.


Case was out and told quite bluntly not to speak as if he was a Trump spokesperson.

Which, in the SCPR interaction/experience with Case, is what he is always careful to say.

The up-the-line-Trump people did realize their mistake but apparently it was too little, to late for Case and he in effect said "thanks, but no thanks" to Trump officialdom and resumed his "private" effort to push for Trump's election as president.

One of the characteristics of national candidacies is that those at the top of national campaign organizations do not abide Ralph Cases.

Once Case let it be known that he was not going to kowtow to the likes of former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort and organization's Ohio organization leaders, he was going to be and has proved to be "persona non-grata" for the national/state organization insofar as his having in official role.

The Report has learned that Case will be the subject of a documentary as the campaign winds down.

If Donald J. Trump wins Stark County and indeed the presidency it will be because of the zeal of the Ralph Cases that dot the American political landscape.

Not the Janet Creightons and Jeff Matthews of the political world!

Whether one agrees with Case's support of Trump or not, one has to admire this citizen-activist extraordinaire!

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