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Republican Stark County prosecutor candidate Jeff Jakmides has decided on two core issues as his "closing" argument that Stark County's voters should replace three term incumbent Democratic prosecutor John Ferrero with a fresh face, being, of course, Jakmides who is an highly accomplished criminal trial attorney having, he says, done over 500 jury trails during his time as an attorney.

First, as pictured above, Jakmides says that Ferrero has been unsuccessful in stemming the tide of heroin overdoses as a cause of death.

Here are the numbers for Stark County according to Stark County coroner P.S. Murthy (who is also seeking re-election as a Democratic candidate).

Under Ferrero (also, Democratic sheriff George T.Maier who has acting out an anti-illicit drug "dog & pony show" designed to gain him political capital), the above-chart shows that Stark is on pace to have a record number of "unintentional drug deaths" and "heroin/fentanyl" deaths.

A second Jakmides line of political attack on Ferrero has to do with what Jakmides asserts as Ferrero being in reality "soft on crime" as evidenced by documented instances of Ferrero excessively approving reduction in charges on accuseds of serious, serious, serious crimes.

In the battle of "mailed to 'likely' Stark County voter households campaign flyers," Ferrero responds to Jakmides charge that Ferrero as prosecutor has been ineffective in combating illegal drug use, the following flyer cites one example of his office having successfully prosecuted one Ryan Jones for involuntary manslaughter as a consequence of his having dealt heroin to two who died from overdoses.

Note from the flyer also that Ferrero gleefully dons the mantle of being the Stark County law enforcement establishment candidate as is evidenced by his prominent display of the logos of establishment policing connected entities.

Jakmides killed off any chance whatsoever that he many have had getting any of these endorsement when he made, as an integral part of his campaign,  ramped up implementation of "direct indictments" and the huge cost savings to taxpayers in terms of eliminating many law enforcement types sitting around twiddling their thumbs while on the taxpayer's clock in being in support of and at the ready for non-direct-indictment criminal justice procedures.

In sort of a way, the Jakmides/Ferrero match up is a local version of the Trump/Clinton presidential match up.

Jakmides appeal is to those Stark Countians who are not satisfied with what has been happening with Stark County law enforcement and want "change" and, of course, Republican candidate Donald Trump's attractiveness is centered his being a "change" agent whereas Ferrero represents the "I been there, done that (however inartfully) establishment strain of officialdom somewhat analogous to Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

Jakmides greatest appeal in sync with SCPR political/governmental values is his self-financing of his campaign.

The SCPR takes no advertising and therefore is completely free of pressure brought to bear on public officials/figures who are owing to political contributors and/or the politically powerful.

Commercialized Stark County media outlets are suspect insofar as being capable of "biting the hands that feed them" in advocating and protecting the public interest.

For judges, prosecutors, policing officials (e.g. the county sheriff) to take campaign contributions creates conditions which undermine the integrity of our justice system.

Other than The Stark County Political Report, the likes of John Ferrero (the Devies debacle), Dixie Park (her having put a lady in jail unconstitutionally), Eddie Elum (being called out twice in recent times on ethics violations), Frank Forchione (directing Stark County fine money to the Sandy Hook victims [ultimately returned to the Stark treasury] seem to get "kid gloves" treatment on their political grandstanding at the hands of Stark County mainstream media.

And speaking of mainstream media, The Repository's endorsement John Ferrero for re-election was inherently flawed if one uses one's mind and works through the rationale the editorial.

It is apparent that a core reason the editors passed on endorsing Jakmides is because he is not Mr. Political Correctness as demonstrated in his demonstrated enthusiasm of getting on with the job of making the Stark County prosecutor's office a first-rate operation.

In short, it is obvious from the language of the editorial that Jakmides "personally" annoyed some on the editorial board.

Just being funny, but didn't Gayle Beck retire?

Otherwise, the editors made a compelling step-by-step case that Jakmides is vastly superior on the merits of the issues brought up in the campaign between Jakmides and Ferrero.

The Report thinks Ferrero will likely to be re-elected because he certainly is solidly hooked into the Stark County political establishment including its chief apologists who mark time day-in, day-out at 500 Market Avenue, South.

Only a surge of Donald Trump supporters, some of whom have articulated strong support for him, constitutes "a pathway to victory" for Jakmides.

Within the last few days, a knowledgeable "Democratic" Stark County political subdivision "elected" official shared that he thought Donald Trump was going to win Ohio and Stark County.

Interesting, no?

As in the case with Sheriff George T. Maier, Ferrero (a former Stark Dems' chairman) is largely another disaster waiting to happen in undermining the integrity of Stark County government.

Though Ferrero fought Maier's selection as the Stark County Democratic Party Central Committee (February, 2013) choice to be appointed sheriff, the SCPR sees the two as being "two peas in a pod."

Ferrero's opposition was grounded in political competition (both from Massillon); not because he really thought Maier was unqualified.

How convenient for Ferrero that he had "the color of law" argument to mask what it appears to the SCPR as having been his "real" reason for opposing Maier.

Ferrero because of being primarily a politician and only incidentally a prosecutor flirted with disastrously disserving the Stark County taxpayer in making any recovery whatsoever for  our county on the loss of nearly $3 million (the Vince Frustaci theft)  that "came to light" in the April, 2009 Stark County treasury debacle.

Only citizen activist Craig T. Conley putting the heat of Ferrero "to get moving and get moving now" saved the county from a near complete financial catastrophe.  As it is, he only achieved a partial recovery.  Any pedestrian prosecutor could have done much, much better.

Some stability and dependability? (the ridiculous main point of The Rep's Ferrero endorsement)

If Ferrero and/or Maier falter, the folks constituting The Rep editorial board will all of a sudden develop a full blown case of amnesia on their support of Ferrero and Maier who appear to the SCPR to be more politician than public servant.

You can count on it!

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