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In a March, 2016 interview with ALEC (American Legislative Exchange Council), state Representative Christina Hagan said she wants "to do something great for our community ... ."

She currently represents the 50th Ohio House District.

In early April, she announced she is giving up her seat in the Ohio House (she can run for one more term before being term limited out) to run for the 16th Congressional District  U.S. House seat of Jim Renacci, who is running for governor.

Maybe The Stark County Political Report (SCPR) has missed something, but nothing comes to mind as Christina Hagan having done something great for the 50th let alone the state of Ohio, if that is how she wishes to define community.

To be in a position to show how great she is as a financially adept politician, the SCPR has learned that Hagan is likely telling Republican Party bigwigs that she WILL raise $1.5 million in her quest to gain the Republican nomination to be the party's candidate for the 16th,  come May 8, 2018 and next year's Republican primary election.

Impressive, no?

But that ain't nothing.

Hagan goes on to say that if she is successful in getting the GOP nomination, she will raise $16 million for the general election to be held in November, 2018.

By my book, raising that kind of money pretty much makes her a shoe-in to be the successor to Renacci.

One has to be highly skeptical that Hagan can come anywhere near raising that kind of money.

The passage of time will tell the tale.

With this blog, the SCPR begins tracking Hagan's fundraising efforts.

The Federal Election Commission reports that as of her July15, 2017 reporting of contributions received as June 30th she has raised $127,265.

The next reporting period is through September 30th and should be published shortly after the next reporting date of October 15th.

During the current reporting period Hagan shows only about 39 different contributors (e.g. Walton Armour with two contributions counts for one unique contributor; John/Tina Hagan [her parents] with four contributions count as one unique contributor).  There are a total of 68 contributions.

Many of the contributors are "locals" meaning residents of Alliance, Louisville, Canton and the like.

Having  raised $127,265 is not bad for a start.  But it is a long way $1.5 million.

According to the Cleveland Plain Dealer (i.e., two other Cleveland area Republicans have declared or expressed interest in running for the 16th District opening.

In terms of fundraising, that the two, Anthony Gonzalez of Westlake and state Rep. Tom Patton of Strongsville throwing their hast into the ring likely means that prospective donors will not be that easy to come by for Hagan, especially in view of the fact that she does not live in the 16th as Gonzalez and Patton do.

Names on Hagan's list that Stark Countians should be familiar with include Sarah Brown (wife of retired Court of Common Pleas judge Charles Brown), Stephen Coon of Coon Restoration & Sealants and her parents.  Father John served in the Ohio House from 2000 through 2008.

Here is Hagan's current FEC reported campaign finance contributions:

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