Sunday, September 12, 2010


As readers can see from the graphic above, the SCPR has obtained a copy of an e-mail that former Stark County Democratic Party chairman Johnnie A. Maier, Jr. sent out to a list of Central Committee members he apparently thinks look to him for direction on party matters.

It was surprising to the The Report on Tuesday last when Ken Koher walked away with the nomination by a whopping 72 to 31 vote margin (E.E. Wise, Jr. [popularly known as EJ] with the 31).

Seeing the e-mail, after the fact, Koher's political slam on Wise now all makes sense.  The well-connected to the Stark County Democratic Party Wise family must have been shocked at the shellacking that EJ took. 

They shouldn't nor should the SCPR have been.  Had we been privy to the e-mail before the selection, it would have been clear.  Right before the vote The Report did speak with a quintessential Democratic insider who did tell yours truly that the choice would boil down to Koher versus Wise.

If he is anything, The Report sees Maier as one the foremost political opportunists in Stark County and, perhaps, in all of Ohio.  In Stark County it is neck-and-neck between him and Canton Mayor William J. Healy, II as to whom among the two of them is the greater opportunist.

Maier astutely read the tea leaves on the public outcry against the now former Stark County Treasurer Gary D. Zeigler, and obviously determined that Stark Democrats would have to latch onto a "fresh face," if they are to retain the office in the light of the public's deep dissatisfaction with Zeigler not having adequate checks and balances in place to keep his former Chief Deputy Vince Frustaci from making off with $2.96 (as determined by Judge John Adams - U.S. District Court - Northern Ohio).

Because of his failure, Stark County commissioners removed Zeigler from office on August 23rd.  Hence the Democrats and Republicans selected candidates to run for the office in November.

In traditional political environments, a Johnnie A. Maier, Jr. would not in the slightest be interested in a Kenneth Koher because he, as a candidate, is too politically objective on a relative scale compared to Maier.

But one has to do what one has to do to preserve political dominance.  That's why the SCPR believes Maier is out to capitalize on Koher's reputation for not being that political.

So the question becomes this.  Now that we know that the political pro Johnnie A. Maier has latched onto Ken Koher, is he truly a "fresh face" who will be unaffected by the political counsel and advice of the likes of Maier when it comes to running the treasurer's office?

During a press conference after being the selected as the Democrats nominee, Kohler flinched when asked by the SCPR whether or not he would be looking at the party registration of treasury job applicants.  He did say he would not be looking at the registration.

But isn't it a little bit troublesome that he paused for a instant to think about political considerations in light of the Maier endorsement (i.e. "I haven't talked to others in the party about my activities ... .")?

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