Good Evening Mr. Fink, It is my understanding that you are the entity that audits the CCIC for Canton, Ohio.  You may or may not  be aware that Mayor Heley of Canton,Ohio took it upon himself to obtain 3 Credit Cards under the name of the CCIC ;  1-for Himself , 1-for Fonda Williams, and 1 for Linda Barnes. It has been reported by the Canton Repository that Mayor Heley used the Credit Card 15 times, which include  purchases, some of which  appear to be personal in nature. My Constituents are very upset over his actions, as he made his own Policy for use of such.The Issue was never voted per the Board of the Canton Community Improvement Corporation!  

It is clear that ORC [Title 1724] ... [d]oes not permit Him to do such . He has paid what he claims were his personal expenses back to the Department . This was done in a very inappropriate manner, as his checks (Just two that I am aware of )  were paid from his personal checking account to the bank where he obtained the credit cards ? There is a Meeting open to the public on Friday Sept. 21 at 9:30 a.m. in the Mayor’s Conference Room –8th Floor City Hall , 218 Cleveland Ave. S.W. Canton,Ohio 44702 As a Member of Canton City Council I will attend. I would appreciate any input from you regarding his actions.With your expertise in this area It would be greatly appreciated if you could be in attendance or your designee.   

Respectfully, Mary M.Cirelli-Councilmember-at-Large 

The SCPR's take on Healy is that he smugly and condescendingly tolerates Cirelli.

But he might be wise to take her more seriously.

Because in the end, she could to be his "worst political nightmare" in terms of being able to serve out another full term as mayor of Canton!