Monday, October 4, 2010


Yours truly could scarcely believe what was being said, but it is true:  Stark County commissioners "apparently" are making it "required" for other Stark County elected officials (or, presumably, their surrogates) to appear at upcoming 2011 budgetary hearings set to begin in the first part of December.

See the following video for confirmation.

Yes, the days are long gone that an elected official can be spotted sitting in his office frequently listening to music on his stereo headphones.

All county offices are facing a 16% cut in their funding coming from the county general fund in 2011.  The cuts will be in the 30% range in 2012 unless the county's financial picture changes dramatically between now and then.

Stark County Prosecutor John Ferrero's office should be in for an even greater than minus 16 percent cut in 2011.  His office already gotten a $107,000 advance from commissioners out of the county's budget stabilization fund ("rainy day" fund).  If Commissioner Steve Meeks has it right, commissioners will get the $107,000 back by making deeper cuts to Ferrero's 2011 funding.

As far as the "required" appearance goes, the SCPR has this question:    How is this going to play with the Stark County Court of Common Pleas and the 5th District Court of Appeals (headquartered in Canton)?

These folks don't take orders (except from the Ohio Supreme Court).   They issue orders.  Should be interesting?

Below is the video of the bulk of the discussion between County Administrators Mike Hanke (the chief) and his top assistant Rick Flory and the commissioners.

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