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UPDATE:  12/06/2010

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Trustee Scott Haws has done a fantastic job setting this meeting up at the direction of the board, he has made countless phone calls to Kenyon Energy, Chesapeake, ODNR and to our state legislators, he has also kept Trustee Leno and I informed of his conversations.  The purpose of the meeting on the 14th is to gather facts and information. This subject is not a Democrat or Republican issue, it is one that could very well effect every resident in Plain Township and the drinking water regardless of partisanship. 
In my conversation's with Chris Borello on this issue through telephone and email, I stated the same.  I have an opinion about this, as I have been talking with elected officials from PA, New York and West Virginia about what has happened in their respective states and communities.
I  am looking forward to hearing from our legislators and representatives from ODNR. Currently Plain Township as every other community in Stark County and across the state has implemented unfunded mandates to protect drinking water to extent that we must now make plans to move all equipment and machinery indoors under roof and take steps to prevent oil and gas from getting into drains, ditches, and storm sewers that could make its way into streams and other bodies of water. These mandates make even unlawful to allow something as bio degradable as grass clippings into our storm sewers because that will make into our waterways.  These mandates to protect our water cost and hit community budgets extremely hard. 
So, with that said I have my own questions to ODNR and our State Legislators about a process that will allow for millions of gallons of chemicals to be injected into the ground, they do not have to disclose what chemicals they are using. Gas drilling companies collect only 60% of these chemicals, and are allowed to store this chemical waist at the surface in storage ponds.  This has been proven to affect the under ground water table and air quality in states across the eastern U.S. 
I do not think Scott possess different concerns than mine. So we will have the meeting to gather facts and move forward from there.

Louis Giavasis

UPDATE:  12/05/2010


Since the group of concerned citizens participated at our October 26th meeting on the Chesapeake - Hydrofracking,  ...  I have worked dilligently to obtain information for OUR board to properly assess all aspects of this environmental concern.  This information and resources that have been obtained as a precursor to our December 14th meeting include and are not limited to:

  • Made a visit to Kenyon Energy - Randy Bernauer 10-28-10 (Chesapeake Energy Lease Agent) on behalf of the Board of Trustees to request company representation at our TWP meeting to address Board and Resident questions. This was after no response was provided to our TWP Administrator
  • 11-1-10 Contacted Chesapeake Energy Matt Berkely and Ryan Dean requesting attendance at Plain TWP Board of Trustees Meeting to address questions
  • Procured information/material from Ryan Dean - Chesapeake Energy 11-18-10 to share with my peers on the Board of Trustees, all of which is available at TWP hall for my peers
  • Engaged State Sentaor Kirk Schuring to identify ODNR and EPA representation to have to Plain TWP,
  • Engaged the SCTA to invite and allow other elected officials to sit in our meeting to get educated on the matter so as to protect and address their residents
  • Engaged representation from North Canton do to their expressed concern for their water fields
  • Received and reviewed the over 201 articles since October 4th from Chris Borrello
  • Spoke directly with citizens who have declined and entered into contracts with Energy Exploration companies pursuing land in Stark County - Plain TWP

Through every effort I have openly worked and communicated regularly back to my peers on the Board the efforts to properly vet this situation through with all parties involved.  Those parties including but not limited too:

Concerned Citizens
Energy Exploration Companies
Regulatory Oversight (ODNR & EPA)
Legislative Representation


The SCPR has written a number of times as to how Plain Township appears to be the best run township in all of Stark County and, perhaps, even in all of Ohio.

With Democrats Pam Bossart (no longer a trustee, having moved from the area), Al Leno and Phil Giavasis in control, Plain seemed to get it.  They have kept the fiscal house in order for a number of years.  Plain is an exceptional example of Democrats demonstrating that they can govern effectively.

But enter a Republican and "all Hell is about to break loose?"

Well, maybe; maybe not.  However, there are things going on among the trustees that indicate the a major disruption is taking place in Plain Township government.  And nothing has changed but the introduction of Republican Haws into the trustee picture.

The first sign of disharmony came with the surfacing of a "blanket" Project Labor Agreement (PLA) being promoted by Trustee Louis Giavasis.  In fact, on Giavasis' insistence he and Leno voted to approve a resolution that future Plain construction contracts be subject to PLA.  Republican Haws voted no at the October 12, 2010 meeting at which the matter was brought up.  For a history of developments and more detailed positions of Giavasis and Haws CLICK HERE to see prior blog on Plain's PLA.

Giavasis as a Democrat has typical Democratic ties to organized labor and in this instance is obviously doing their bidding.

Now to a new issue that seems to have surfaced.

On December 14th, there is to be a meeting held at Plain Township Hall on the issue of fracing.

Here is the contents of an e-mail from Giavasis to yours truly on October 7th which indicates a Giavasis interest in the issue, to wit:
Also, as you have been made aware of by Chris Borello about Kenyon Energy and subsidiary of Chesapeake Oil and Gas's intention to drill and mine over 800 acres in the Plain Township area through various methods that include fracking. I have instructed our township administrator to contact Kenyon Energy in North Canton and Chesapeake requesting that they send representatives to one of our next meetings. They have not gotten back with us yet for the meeting on the 12th about our request but I can sure you that myself and my board will do everything within our legal authority to make sure that what has happened in Paris Township recently to residents water wells and environmental damage this industry is causing across Ohio, Pennsylvania and New York will not happen in Plain Township.
Here is an e-mail that the SCPR received yesterday from Borello (which is a copy of an e-mail she sent to Trustee Haws), to wit:

-----Original Message-----
Sent: Fri, Dec 3, 2010 4:24 pm
Subject: Meeting on 12/14 to discuss Fracking Ban

Hi Scott,
I received a phone call last night from a concerned citizen involved with the fracking issue, and he informed me that he got a phone call yesterday from the Canton Rep reporter, Edd Pritchard, about your meeting on the 14th..
The strange part is, Edd told him that Kirk Schuring was putting this meeting together.  What gives?  I thought you had called the meeting.  That's what your Administrator told me yesterday. Please clarify. This is about our residents' concerns and our Twp. right
 Did you get a chance to watch GASLAND yet?
We hope you will find the time, because you will see what Americans have to say about this matter, citizens that have already had up close and personal experiences, after being smoozed that fracking was just fine, all the claims that we are sure to hear.....vs. the truth of the matter...  Have a nice weekend.
In a conversation with Borello on Wednesday evening, she indicated that she was concerned that Haws was weighing in with the oil and gas industry side of the issue.  Moreover, she extolled Giavasis as a protector of citizens rights and expressed confidence that he (as president of the Board of Trustees) would ensure that the citizens' perspective on the issue would be heard.  She cited Giavaisis' long history of siding with everyday persons on various issues that have come along during Giavasis long tenure as trustee.

Borello is correct about Giavasis.

He has taken on such corporate behemoths as Giant Eagle when the Pittsburgh based grocer vacated its Oakwood Square facility (but had a contract forbidding a re-let to a competing grocer).  He was among the first and most vocal of Stark's public officials in standing against American Electric Power on its request for a gigantic rate increase in electric rates made to the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO) a couple of years ago.  Also, he is supporting legislation in the Ohio General Assembly to "put reasonable limits on the fees publicly owned water works and sewage disposal companies may charge their customers for rate-case expenses."

But suffice it to say that Louis Giavasis is a mixed bag.  Though he can be a political maverick on occasion, he is also consummately connected with the leadership of the Stark County Democratic Party and organized labor.  His connections with the Stark Dem leadership appear to have been beneficial to him.  He is the title bureau czar for Stark County having been hired for that job by Stark County Court of Common Pleas Clerk of Courts Nancy Reinbold (wife of long time, but now retired Judge Richard Reinbold) who was tapped to be clerk of courts by  Louis' brother Phil (Reinbold's predecessor and now clerk of courts for the Canton Municipal Court).

Haws, on the other hand, is a much more conservative type who generally sides with business interests as is typical of Republicans.  His local political pals include Republican Todd Snitchler whom represents Ohio's 50th House District and whom the SCPR considers to be the captive of chamber of commerce, the National Federation of Independent Business, and manufacturer associations which typically finance Republican politicians.

The SCPR will be closely following the fracing (also fraccing or fracking) issue as it connects to Stark County.  Stark Countians should attend the Plain Township meeting of the 14th in great numbers.

Not only could this issue and its potential adverse effects on the county ground water supply prove divisive among the leaders of Plain Township, it could be the beginning of a local struggle between local civic activists like Chris Borello (who, by the way, lives in Plain), the oil and gas industry with Stark's politicians being caught in the middle.

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