Sunday, August 14, 2011


Board member Eric Resnick is likely Ron Duff's "real" target in Duff's quest to return to the Canton City Schools Board of Education, but Resnick fellow-incumbent Jennifer Keaton could be the political casualty if Duff gets elected.

Such a twist would be a clear example of the "what have you done for me lately" phenomenon that is rampant in the political world.

Back in June, 2008, the Stark County Political Report did a blog on how Keaton changed her initial indication that she was in favor of (along with Nadine McIllwain [an African-American herself) appointing a male African-American to a board position vacated by Democrat John Rinaldi.

It appears that Keaton switched on the basis of person connections to Duff and was instrumental in the appointment going to him.  Duff was reportedly Keaton's campaign manager in 2007 when she was elected.

An irony (after the McIllwain June, 2008 fuss) is that African-American Wilbur Allen, III who was appointed in an errant process (then re-appointed in a corrected process) chose not to run for election this time around.

For whatever reason, it appears that Duff and Keaton have had a falling out and her "friend" may now prove to be her undoing as a Canton City Schools board member.

But then again she may not have much to worry about.  It seems that Duff is not much of a campaigner.  Take a look at these results.

Eric Resnick gave Duff a political thrashing.  Even if one were to put all the Smith votes in the Duff column (which certainly would not have happened had Smith not been running; let's say a 50/50 split), Resnick wins comfortably and assuming a 50/50 split it would have been Resnick 65% to 35%.
While Duff is good to put out press releases, they contain very little of substance as to why he would be a better choice over incumbents Keaton and Resnick.

His one serious allegation is:  “The last two years has shown us that this board lacks the honesty, integrity and transparency necessary to regain the trust of the public."

However, he fails to tie the broad brush statement with a convincing specifics-building case and therefore is subject to be taken as being an office seeker who throws statements around and hopes that something sticks in the minds of the voters.

It is interesting that he should bring up the issue of trust in reference to Keaton as a board member.

Let's see:  Whom can't trust whom?  Duff running to unseat Keaton, after she bolted an initial position supporting another to put him on the board in 2008, right?

A "what have you done for me lately" guy questioning the honesty and integrity anyone?


Voters beware!

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