Martin, about Christina Hagan's amendment to this bill is her in her own statement "due to “people’s desire to see transparency.” But the amendment does not require public notice when someone applies for a drilling permit. This is what she calls transparency? What the people want is advanced notification of when and where a permit is applied for, not after a permit has been issued. I think she has the transparency thing backwards in this instance, and what is more telling about her position of transparency and desire for public disclosure was her vote to table and kill Mark Okey's amendment that would have given the public more transparency. Of course if that is was what she truly seeks?  

Mark Okey’s proposed amendment would have:

• Set a minimum royalty rate to be paid to owners.
• Require the testing of ground water before and after drilling and notification of the landowner of any contamination.
• Require the company leasing the property for drilling provide an audit of gas or oil production to the property owner on request.
• Require the registration with the state of “landmen” who negotiate to acquire or lease mineral rights for drilling and requires them to provide a disclosure form to property owners.

All Ms. Hagan's amendment does is try to placate people under the false pretense transparency when in fact her amendment only goes half way, her vote against the Mark Okey's amendment in my opinion shows that she is still protecting the oil and gas campaign donors, and not her real constituents the people who actually live the 50th that affected by this in one way or another. For her or anyone to believe that the oil and gas industry will voluntarily police themselves to protect the public's financial, economic or environmental interests believes still in the Easter Bunny, her amendment to this bill is nothing more than selling us the likes of unusable swamp land and all one has do do is look to the state directly to our east to see it.  

Lou Giavasis
Plain Township Trustee