Friday, August 17, 2012


Most of the time those Stark Countians pictured above are level-headed, calm-cool-and-collected.  But yesterday they all let their hair down in a burst of enthusiasm for Paul Ryan; number two at the Republican Party national ticket who was at Walsh University for the purpose of revving up the base.

And he succeeded!

The SCPR captured video comments from Stark County Commissioner Janet Creighton, sheriff candidate Larry Dordea, prosecutor candidate Mike Grady, commissioner candidate Richard Regula and treasurer candidate (an incumbent) Alex Zumbar.

The Report presents these videos for readers to get a glimpse of these folks as they express their zeal for the Romney/Ryan ticket and, in the case of those running for Stark County wide office, their assessments of their individual races.

First, the dean of the Stark County Republican Party:  Commissioner Janet Creighton.

Next, here is Larry Dordea who is presently police chief of Hartville and an Alliance city councilman.

And next is Stark County political newcomer Mike Grady who has years of experience as chief legal counsel for Babcock and Wilcox and is running to unseat Democrat John Ferrero who has been in office nearly 10 years and who ran unopposed in 2008.

Grady tells the SCPR that he suffered a heart attack when he was in California in June 2nd.  But he says that there was no heart damage and he is good to go with a vigorous campaign.

Next in line is Richard Regula, son of esteemed former 16th congressional district (when all of Stark County was in the 16th) Ralph Regula.  Richard is trying to reclaim his seat as commissioner which was lost in 2006 to Democrat Todd Bosley.

Finally, but certainly not least, is Stark County Treasurer Alex Zumbar.  Alex stepped forward for the Republicans to claim the treasurer's office in November, 2010 (only to lose it temporarily when the Ohio Supreme Court reinstated the commissioner removed Gary Zeigler (a Democrat).  On October 19th, the commissioners restored Zumbar to office and he was selected by the Stark County Democratic Party Central Committee to retain the treasury post (October 31, 2011).

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