Thursday, January 10, 2013


Looking at the petitions taken out so far in Canton's city council race "at-large," it looks like an incumbent councilperson will not be returning?

Who might that be?

The SCPR is projecting that the "odd-man-out" may well be Councilman Joe Cole.

But the projection is presuming that Councilwoman Mary Cirelli will decide not to run for Canton treasurer, which is definitely the politically smart thing for her to do.

It has to be tempting for her to opt for a more secure position so that she does not have to gear up for election every two years, but The Report figures that it would take Councilman Greg Hawk (Ward 1) staying in the race (rather than trying to hold on to his ward seat) and Cirelli winning a plurality vote between herself, Perez (the frontrunner in the SCPR's estimate), Hawk with Kelly Zackary picking off enough of thought-to-be "normally" Perez votes to take first prize.

Quite a gamble for the long time Canton political fixture to take.

The Report believes she will want to ensure that she remains a fixture and decides that the inconvenience of having to run every two years is a small price to pay for having a continuing elective-political existence.

And, most assuredly, she and former councilman Bill Smuckler are likely to place 1, 2 in this vote for three contest.

No Republicans have taken out petitions so far.  For someone to do so would be a politically vain act in this Democrat 9 to 1 registration majority city.

So the likelihood of the odd-man-out is reduced to Councilman Joe Cole (in his second term) and Jimmy Babcock (in his first term).

The SCPR's analysis is that Cole, though rank with promise when first taking office, has not lived up to expectations and, accordingly, may well lose out to the established Democratic political name of Babcock (Charles, a past Canton mayor and Mary, a former councilwoman).

Though Councilman "Jimmy" Babcock (the son of Charles and Mary) in the opinion of the SCPR is less able than Cole; the Babcock name is likely to carry him through the 2013 Democratic primary in at least the third spot of the three positions to be elected.

The SCPR projected finish:  Smuckler, Cirelli and Babcock.

So what has happened to Cole, the former bright star of Canton City Council?

In the SCPR's assessment, he has chosen to play it safe and sell out to the Healy administration (LINK to prior SCPR blog on Cole, among others) as a dependable foot soldier and accordingly has chosen not to tap into his native resources to make a name for himself as an up and coming leader in Canton government and politics.

And the man has credentials galore.

Take a look!

On credentials, there is no way he should come in behind Jimmy Babcock and thereby be the odd-man-out.

An example of Cole fooling around on trifling stuff (as chairman of the finance committee) is to be found in his support of fellow Councilman David Dougherty's (who, the SCPR, was the surrogate for the Healy administration brain trust) marketing scheme of promoting Canton (made in China merchandise).

Here is a video of civic activist James Parker this past Monday (Public Speaks) excoriating council for having passed the measure.

The Report has checked with Canton's council office and here are the results of sales for a little over a half of a year.


Really serious stuff, no?

As far as the SCPR is concerned, it is a sad day for the future of Canton to see such a once bright star possibly fading into political oblivion.

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