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Canton Council President Allen Schulman
Stark County Legislators on Local Gov't Funding

The Stark County Political Report can think of a number of Cantonians who should be sitting in the mayor's chair over William J. Healy, II.

One would be Canton service director and chief-of-staff Warren Price.

But the SCPR's prime choice would be council president and premier personal injury attorney Allen Schulman.

One of the most exciting parts of the Canton City Council agenda is the last item on it:  "miscellaneous business."

On occasion, at this point in council proceedings, President Schulman will launch into a polemic that is absolutely spellbinding.

While Healy is a quintessential calculating politician that spins everything to make himself look good, Schulman, on the other hand, is a "what you see is what you get," passionate politician.

As mayor, the SCPR can only imagine what Schulman would be as an inspiring politico who could lead the people of Canton to a restoration of the Hall of Fame City to heights that the city has not seen in many decades.

But for whatever reason, he had decided not to go that route.

Nonetheless, he is a force and factor in Canton politics that merits the attention of other area politicians.

It is rather obvious that he works behind the scenes in Canton and Stark County political and governmental circles agitating local politicos "to do the courageous and right thing" for the interests of Cantonians/Stark Countians.

On this past Monday, Schulman let loose with a political/verbal barrage of castigation on Stark County's legislators, namely:
  • state Senator Scott Oelslager, Republican of Plain Township,
  • state Representative Kirk Schuring, Republican/Jackson Twp,
  • state Representative Christina Hagan, R-Marlboro Township, and
  • state Rep. Stephen Slesnick, Democrat, Canton

Why the castigation?

Because they have done very little, if anything, to stop the bloodletting by the Kasich administration of local government funding.

In the video that follows at the end of this blog Schulman shares with Canton City Council members that Senator Oelslager has shared with him that Governor Kasich has squirreled away $1.7 billion in taxpayer funds.

Schulman's point?

Ohio urban areas (including Canton, of course), while the state of Ohio is awash in surplus monies.

The SCPR applauds Schulman for his willingness to confront these "ineffective on state funding of local government" Stark County-based legislators.

Mostly local government officials (especially school board members) fawn over Oelslager, Schuring, Hagan and Slesnick when they have had the chutzpah to show up at local government meetings against a background of having voted for measures to gut local government funding.

But not Schulman.

Recently, he was in a back and forth with Stark County Concerned Citizens leader Chris Borello on her groups' failure to take these same legislators on with regard to their support of legislation to take away from local governments the ability to manage and control the environmental consequences of fracking for natural and wet gases.

It is easy to criticize others.

But how about one's self.

Well, Schulman with his polemic and insistence that Oelslager, Schuring, Hagan and Slesnick come to Canton City Council and explain themselves is demonstration that what he applies to others (i.e.the environmentalists), he applies to himself.

Being the evaders of anything unpleasant, the SCPR doubts that any of the four will show up at Canton council February 25th meeting.

They will have one excuse or another.  Most likely it will be 'we are in session we simply do not have the opportunity to break away'.

Council does not meet until 7:30 p.m.  So even if they are in Columbus, they all could hop in a car at 4:30 and be in Canton in time to go face-to-face with council.

The SCPR is willing to bet that they will find an excuse not to be in Canton on the 25th.

If, perchance, any of them do show up, it will be interesting to see which of the council persons "suck up" to them?

While the SCPR thinks that council members should be courteous, civil and respectful, there should be no cloying of them.

A SCPR "tip of the hat" to Allen Schulman for putting Stark County's legislative delegation ON THE SPOT!

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