Tuesday, April 23, 2013


UPDATE:  (2:55 PM)

The SCPR has learned that Judge Michael McNulty has found "no" probable cause that Judge Francis G. Forchone committed a "theft-in-office" in his handing of the $5,000 Sandy Hook School Support matter growing out of the Scott D. Studer case.  (LINK to prior SCPR blog for background).

See the judge's order at the end of this update.

A complaining affidavit was filed with the Canton Municipal Court on February 28, 2013 by one Louis W. Demis now of Columbus, Ohio but formerly of Navarre (Stark County) Ohio.

Local media failed to inform the Stark County public about the filing of the affidavit when it was filed even though there is indication that they had access to the filing early on.

The SCPR published a blog on the matter forthwith on first learning about the existence of the filed affidavit.

Of course, both outlets (The Repository and WHBC) were all over the story once the probable cause hearing was announced.

Demis' attorney, Craig T. Conley, told yours truly that depending on his analysis of the articulated basis of Judge McNulty's decision, he may look into whether or not there is an appeal to be made.

The Report will have an analysis of the proceeding and the judge's decision in a blog planned for tomorrow.



Hearing:  State of Ohio v. Forchione

Press Conference

First Up:  Craig T. Conley

Followed By:  (same video)

Craig Morgan

The Stark County Political Report presents the entire video of the probable cause hearing of Stark County Common Pleas Judge Francis H. Forchione,

For background see the below lined blogs.

Press conference video:  Conley followed by Morgan.

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