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Price Speaks with SCPR
HR Position at Sheriff's Department
(December 11, 2013)

Back on December 11, 2013 the SCPR spoke on video with former Canton Safety Director Warren Price about his negotiating with Stark County Democratic Party - Central Committee (SCDP-CC) sheriff appointee George T. Maier (February 5, 2013 and December 11, 2013) about reports of his negotiating with Maier to become the sheriff department's human resource (HR) director.

The discussion about the HR negotiations comes at the end of the video.

Several reliable sources have informed the SCPR that Price has been hired the sheriff' department's HR director today.

The SCPR has attempted in the past to get Maier to confirm his interest in having Price on board.

However, due to the fact:
  • that the SCPR has taken a critical look at Maier's political power move to become sheriff without qualifying (in the opinion of The Report) under ORC 311.01(B)(8)(a)(b) and (B)(9)(a)(b), and 
  • The Report's raising of questions of whether or not Maier has the demeanor and disposition compatible with being Stark's top cop,
Maier has buttressed The Report's suspicions that he doesn't have the desired maturity to be Stark sheriff in his refusing to answer SCPR questions.

Maier goes out of his way in a taunting sort of way to cozy up with Stark's mainstream media types in the view of The Report (or turning his back to The Report) as a sort of a "nyah, nyah, nyah-nyah, nyah."

Kind of juvenile for someone who wants to be Stark's sheriff, no?

His unwillingness to engage the SCPR is indication that he knows that he cannot handle The Report's incisive questioning.

Warren Price has always been forthcoming with the SCPR and so it is surprising he would want to work with Maier.

Price is one of those officials who served Healy (also Thomas Bernabei and Tom Nesbitt) quite effectively but who would have the temerity to question the mayor.

That is a huge, no!, no!, no! with the mayor,  Once an city employee starts the critical look stuff, the SCPR thinks it only a matter of time before the employee is an ex-employee.

He just got done with one control-freak in Canton mayor William J. Healy, II.

So why would he want to work for another guy who appears to the SCPR that he cannot handle it when scrutinizes him.

Perhaps Price thinks he is never going to have a disagreement with Maier.

Undoubtedly, he thought the same of Healy.

Is this a case of "someone not learning" or, perhaps, just needing a job and one just has to do what one has to do under the circumstances?

To boot, the SCPR believes Maier only "seems" to accept criticism and evaluate whether or not the critic has "a word of wisdom" for him to reflect upon and perhaps act on.  In reality, The Report thinks he is a "my way or the highway" type of guy.

It seems to the SCPR if George T. Maier thinks "you are somebody," he could not be more "kissy faced."  During the Stark County commissioner budget hearings, Maier, on one occasion, drew a "aha" comment of Commissioner Regula when Maier over-did it in obsequiousness with board president Tom Bernabei.

Though he has been a career policeman, the SCPR sees a lot of "politico" in George T. Maier.

Of course, Warren Price is used to working for politicians.

Maybe working for Maier (for however long that may be) will pan out for him.

The SCPR wishes him well!

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