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As The Stark County Political Report sees it, one of the three men pictured above could be "the decisive factor" if Hartville (former Alliance) Police Chief Larry Dordea is to be the choice of Stark Countians as the county's next "elected" sheriff.

In short, the question of today's blog is:  Who is going to prove out as having been "the best man" for Larry Dordea if he wins on Tuesday?

In a sense it is more than appropriate today to talk about the "best man" for Larry Dordea.

For yesterday his only daughter Jill got married.

No politics in the Dodea household yesterday; only a day of celebration and rejoicing.

Knowing Larry Dordea and the family man he is, the SCPR thinks that his daughter getting married will top his getting elected Stark County sheriff, should he be victorious on Tuesday.

George T. Maier, the current occupant of the office, only has a total of 193 Stark Countians (Stark County Democratic precinct committee persons) who have actually voted for him.

Even at that, 150 voted against him in two tries (Maier was removed from office by the Ohio Supreme Court on November 6, 2013) before he was able to stick as a political party appointee.

While the SCPR thinks that nobody should underestimate the heft of the Massillon based political machine and Maier using the power and status of office (appointed or not), it appears that Larry Dordea should win on Tuesday.


Because of the confluence of three factors!


In the words of the Cleveland Plain Dealer editorial writer Thomas Suddes:
Bar-stool strategists have suggested the Kasich-FitzGerald tally could be a blowout like George Voinovich's 71.8-percent-to-25-percent victory over Democrat Rob Burch in 1994.  (Despite likely Kasich blowout, Nov. 4 includes two Ohio nail-biters, November 2, 2014)
As far as the SCPR is concerned, the Dordea has given too little play to this photo:

Some Dordea campaign strategists tell the SCPR that the reason for that thinking is that "arm-in-arm" with the governor will turn off Democratic/Democratic leaning independents in what they perceive to be an overall Democratic county.

And that could be.

But another way to look at it is that there are some Republicans who will likely - in the estimate of the SCPR - be voting for Democrat Maier.

And, perhaps, Dordea needs to do a political bear hug of Governor Kasich to persuade Stark County Republicans that he has the confidence of and the support of the governor and that they better be perceived to have been a Dordea voter come November 5th.

While he says he is neutral, the SCPR thinks that Republican Stark County commissioner Richard Regula in his heart of hearts supports Democrat Maier and will likely be voting for him.

Republican Joe Concatto (served in the Janet Creighton Canton mayoralty administration (2004 - 2007) is on record with financial support for Maier's campaign and therefore should be counted among Republicans who have or will be voting for Maier.

Ditto that for Republican Marlboro Police Chief Ron Devies.   Devies does have ties to Dordea and did make a financial contribution to Dordea's campaign.

Nevertheless, one (the SCPR) gets the impression that he will check his ballot for Maier.

And then there is Republican Stark County commissioner Janet Creighton.

The Report thinks she got a bit miffed with the SCPR when The Report ran a video a while back in which she refused when prompted by an Akron Beacon Journal reporter to declare "all-out-for-Dordea," refused to do so and - what's more - make herself look rather selfish in saying:
(paraphrase)  "The only people I am declaring for is myself (she's running unopposed for reelection as commissioner) and John Kasich (for whom she is the head of his northeast Ohio campaign).
The SCPR is not suggesting that Creighton is voting for Maier.

And as far as the SCPR thinking she is miffed at The Report?  She will have to get in that "long line of Stark County elected officials who share her pique!"

That's the price the SCPR pays for its independent analysis that is present in no other Stark County media.

Creighton could have been more helpful to Dordea.

The Report thinks she is Stark County's most powerful and influential Republican and should Dordea lose, her - apparent to the SCPR - lukewarm support may cause some to look at her as being the cause.

It remains to be seen as to whom is correct in an analysis of the Kasich factor in the Dordea campaign.

After careful consideration I have decided I cannot remain silent any longer concerning the Sheriff's race. Having spent the last forty years of my life dedicated to serving the citizens of Stark County and for fourteen of those years you trusted me as  your elected  Sheriff (1999-2013), I must speak out. 
There is only one qualified candidate appearing on the November ballot, Larry Dordea. I cannot believe the audacity of the Democrat candidate, who was found to have illegally occupied the office of Sheriff by the Ohio Supreme Court. 
I implore you not to be deceived by the rhetoric and untruths being shared by Mr. Dordea's opponent. 
There is only one candidate appearing on the ballot who truly meets all the necessary qualifications. That candidate is Larry Dordea.
The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing. -- Sir Edmund Burke  1729-1797   
Tim Swanson retired
Stark County Sheriff
Tim Swanson 

Remember those 150 "against Maier votes" in the February 5, 2013 (92 for Maier; 84 for Darrow, 1 for Dordea) and December 11, 2013 (101 for Maier; 66 for Darrow) Stark County Democratic Party Central Committee vote?

At the time, the man who the SCPR thinks was the chief architect of Maier prevailing; namely, the-then chairman of the Stark Dems Randy Gonzalez had to be think "the passage of time heals all things."

Well, do you think he is thinking that today in the light of the - in the past - staunchly Democratic former Stark County Democratic sheriff Tim Swanson broke ranks and endorsed Republican Larry Dordea.

The Swanson endorsement is clearly a signal to Democrats of Swanson's historical dedication that in - this one race - it is okay for them to vote for a Republican.

And, though they have not publicly said so, the SCPR has to believe that Stark County prosecutor John Ferrero and former top level Stark County sheriff department commander Lou Darrow have or will on Tuesday vote for Dordea.

It is hard to gauge the oomph of the Swanson endorsement.

At the very least he has to wash out those Republicans for Maier voters.

Most likely, the Swanson factor will outweigh the pro-Maier Republican and Republican leaning independent vote.


It is always surprising when experienced politicians like former Stark County Democratic Party chair Johnnie A. Maier, Jr. screw up.

But, from time-to-time, they do.

And that is exactly what the SCPR thinks happened in January, 2014 when (obviously after George "having thought it over") decided to do a very foolish thing.

He refused to commission Dan Altieri (as a reserve Stark County deputy sheriff so that he could qualify for a security job at an area college).

"A hard-to-believe-George T. Maier-refusal" in the light of Altieri honorably serving for 27 years as a Stark County deputy sheriff and as a highly decorated military hero (multiple tours in Afghanistan and Iraq).

The Dordea campaign has jumped all over this monumental George T. Maier political "blunder" witness this YouTube posted video:

How does the SCPR account for this screw-up?

The Maiers are so into political vendetta that they do "over-the-top" things that come back to bite them in the posterior.

Altieri had the audacity to exercise his U.S. Constitution right to support Lou Darrow in his contending with Maier for the Dems' appointment.

Nobody would deny Altieri (who risked his life defending our democratic-republican form of government) his right except - apparently - the brothers Maier.

As the SCPR has reported ad nauseam political loyalty seems to be an obsession with the Maiers.

Well, Sergeant Major Dan Altieri is loyal first and foremost to the U.S. Constitution and has amply demonstrated that potentially at the cost of his own life he puts on the line to preserve America as a freedom loving and enjoying nation.

The Maiers may well "live to rue the day" that George (who believes that he did so without the political counsel of Johnnie, Jr) refused an American military hero his merited and deserved reserve Stark County sheriff deputy commission.


How about "all three in combination?"

That's what the SCPR thinks!

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