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Let's see.  The Rep gets every break in the book in terms of access to political figures and government officials and still cannot compete in in-depth coverage with The Stark County Political Report on key Stark County political and government issues, no?






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The Ohio Democratic Party has done a great job getting "free" media in putting out a press release to the media publicizing a tour of Ohio in order to get Democrat elected in various Ohio location in next Tuesday's general election.


Ohio's "organized" Dems want all the publicity they can get, to wit:

Strickland makes statewide swing in support of candidate 
By The Associated Press 
POSTED: 10/31/15, 5:12 PM EDT  ...
Former Ohio governor and U.S. Senate candidate Ted Strickland is traveling the state this weekend in support of local Democratic candidates. 
Strickland, who is vying for the Democratic nomination for the Senate seat next year, plans to be in Toledo, Columbus and Chillicothe on Saturday. On Sunday, he plans stops in Massillon, Canton and Warren.  (emphasis added)
BUT ON THE OTHER, to repeat the open graphic of this blog,  this is what the Canton/Stark County "organized" Dems do:

Yours truly traveled to Oakwood Square on Sunday having to sacrifice watching the start of the Arizona Cardinals versus the Cleveland Browns mainly to get at incumbent Canton mayoral candidate William J. Healy, with camera in hand.

On Friday, the SCPR received these two telephone calls from Mayor Healy, to wit:

Healy left no voice message.

While initially yours truly takes the Healy telephoning Martin as an attempt to contact the SCPR to tell in more detail (something more than a mere assertion of denial) his side of the mailer story (see The Report's hopeful take below), it could have been an endeavor for Healy to unleash venom and threats on The Report and therefore not something to be left on a recording.

For he knows, if such was his mission, yours truly would have been on it at breakneck speed to put any ugly message up in a blog.

Such is Healy 101!

So the SCPR assumed that the mayor wanted to do an on camera interview in which, unlike with other Stark County media, yours truly would put some incisive and meaningful questions to Healy about the 3rd party mailer (not the Bernabei campaign) one named Duncan Edwards (Edwards [which appears not to be his real name] put into some 4500 Canton homes the receipt of which was first recorded on Thursday of last week.

Healy out-of-hand and summarily on his Facebook page dismissed the allegations of the mailer.

An interesting aspect of Healy's campaign Facebook blanket denial is his assertion that Edwards used the weeping girl photo without Google's permission.

Think maybe just maybe Google can and will handle the matter itself, if Healy's assertion is accurate?

Healy's supporter Frank Morris made the same type diversion in his criticism of a Bernabei mailer which contained "sworn to under oath" statements (Board of Elections protest hearing) of Ward 2 councilman Thomas West and Ward 8 councilman Edmond Mack regarding the qualities of Thomas Bernabei that the statements were used without West's and Mack's permission.

Since when does on the public record under oath statements need the permission of the makers thereof for permissible use?

Here is Healy in his imperial, pompous style reacting to the Bernabei mailer:
Re-Elect William J. Healy II for Mayor of Canton, Ohio shared Frank Morris's post.
October 30 at 6:03pm 
I am sharing this post to bring attention to my opponents continued and desperate attempts to deceive Canton voters. A mailer was sent out by the Bernabei campaign using photographs and quotes without consent. This is another case of gutter politics lacking in honesty and integrity. Both Thomas West and Edmond Mack are a major part of the great things we are doing in Canton and I am proud to have their endorsement for Mayor of Canton. Don't be fooled by the Bernabei Deception. Again - I call on my opponent, if you do have honesty and integrity, condemn and disavow this attempt to deceive voters before November 3rd.
A clear example in the SCPR's thinking of "the pot calling the kettle black."

Morris is one of the SCPR's favorite councilpersons because of his brusque, simplistic and outspoken way of expression.

That Healy has apparently gotten to him as evidenced by his quibbling (not a normal characteristic of Frank Morris, III) over the permission thing, suggests to the SCPR that his candor does not run as deep as The Report previously thought.

Here is Councilman Morris on the charter government issue and his support of Mayor Healy.

The Report takes both to be attempts divert attention away from the main of the matter being dealt with and thereby confuse people as to what is and what is not key to the matter being discussed.

Healy may turn out to be completely exonerated on the allegations of the 3rd party mailer.

But he certainly has to realize that many politicians before him have taken similar stances only to have been proven to have been lying in their denials.

As repeatedly stated in SCPR blogs, yours truly is loathe to interview Healy because nearly everything he says seems to have some personally and politically calculated enhancing aspect to them.

In the instance of the 3rd party mailer, he should be willing to take specific questions about some pretty specific claims contained in the mailer in order to flesh out his "take my word for it" denial with material that can be verified with independent sources that either supports or tends to support his denial or refutes or tends to refute his broad brush denial.

After Tuesday's election - either way - is too late for voters to assess the believability of his denial(s).

The Report agrees with Healy that the timing of the mailer being put out very late in the election cycle in and of itself makes the allegations suspect and creates additional suspicion that there may be a indirect link up with his opponent's Tom Bernabei's campaign.

The Report's own take is that it appears that people inside the Bernabei campaign had no involvement in the construction of the mailer.  However, it could be that there may have been those who knew it was coming.

Like it or not, fair or unfair in terms of timing, the receipt of the mailer by Canton voters is a newsworthy event and hence you have the SCPR, The Repository and Ron Ponder of WHBC's Points to Ponder having picked up on it.

And Mayor Healy needs to deal with it by holding a news conference to take questions on it.

He needs to provide his story as a contribution to there being a basis for the voting public to make an assessment as to whether or not there is anything to the allegation(s).

So the anticipation was so high with yours truly that being deprived of seeing the Browns game paled in comparison to the inside scoop The Report might develop in putting incisive questions to Healy.

To boot, if things really went well, the SCPR might get a word or two with former Ohio governor Ted Strickland (currently seeking to be the Democratic nominee for the U.S. Senate next year against incumbent Republican senator Rob Portman) on camera about his involvement the Healy campaign and perhaps a word or two about his quest to be a United States of America senator.

At 12:59 The Report approached the entrance of the "new" Stark County Democratic Party only to be met my a young man breaking out of the front door of the Dems Party Headquarters building to exclaim:  "This is a private meeting."

The young man was unwilling to engage yours truly beyond those words.

What a disappointment.

But not surprising.

Yours truly did not know it at the time, as it turns out The Repository was allowed in to cover yesterday's event.

Which of course gives credence to the notion that Healy, the Stark Dems, Strickland and the Ohio Dems see The Rep as not having the gumption to ask the important questions that the SCPR would have if allowed into the Oakwood Square meeting.

Another case in which Stark Countians who want real journalism do not rely on The Canton Repository for in depth reporting (e.g. Jeff Matthews became in today's Rep report Jeff Williams) and deep, deep political analysis but turn to The Stark County Political Report as the only Stark County media outlet that does justice to the important issues facing Cantonians and Stark Countians.

An excerpt from today's Rep online edition:
In an emailed statement, Jeff Williams, chairman of the Stark County Republican Party, commented on Strickland’s stop in Stark County: "I hope (Strickland) encourages them to cast an informed vote. I hope that he also encourages them to remember the ($8 billion) deficit he left as governor of Ohio and the (350,000) Ohio jobs lost under his watch,” Williams wrote.
The Rep reporter (a novice, the SCPR thinks, assigned to a very important story?) did not even tell readers how many attended yesterday's events.

It appears to the SCPR from looking at the number of vehicles parked in the Oakwood Square parking lot that only a few handfuls of Healy supporters attended.

The apparent sparse attendance cannot bode well for the Healy campaign.

The Report did count vehicles in the lot in the section of Oakwood Square in which Dems' headquarters is located.  There were about 40.  But does anybody really think they "all" were there for Healy/Strickland event.

There are other consumer visited establishments along the concourse in which the Dems' headquarters is located.

Of course, there was no way the Healyites were going to allow the SCPR camera inside the party headquarters building to videotape and report to the Canton voting public with "the camera tells it like it is" dearth of Healy supporters showing up at Sunday's all important last minute "canvas the voters - phone bank" effort.

By way of contrast, The Report has information from a Bernabei campaign source that the Bernabei campaign has been swamped with requests from Canton citizens living in the city's neighborhoods clamoring for Bernabei political signs.

The normal political model is for campaigns to be out scouring the political landscape in an endeavor to find businesses and residences willing have signs placed on their respective properties.

The SCPR thinks this type of grassroots initiative (residents asking for Bernabei signs) should be a highly foreboding development to the Jack DeSario-led Healy campaign.

Readers of the SCPR are familiar with this video of May 11, 2015 in which Healy looked very much the comedic, farcical and would be tyrannical figure in getting upset with a question yours truly asked him about former Democrat Thomas Bernabei having filed on May 4th to run as an "independent" against him.

The phrase "turn the camera off" still reverberates in the mind of yours truly and at the time The Report had to do a double take to ensure that the utterer was not God Almighty himself.

An encore of that oft repeated SCPR video:

Who reading this blog thinks had this video been taken by Repository personnel that Healy's belligerence would have seen the light of day?


And Stark Countians pay for a subscription to get The Repository?

Interesting, no?

Healy is so used to bullying people around (must have learned this from Johnnie A. Maier, Jr and Sheriff George T. Maier, no?) that he has come to think it works with everybody.

Obviously the mayor has lost sight of yours truly's unique ability to not let the likes of himself and the Maiers' propensity to try to intimidate people have any affect whatsoever on The Report's doggedness and persistence.

It has to be frustrating for him to have to square up with the reality of what has worked for him for years being not effective with the SCPR.

He has been doing bullying or all of his time as mayor of Canton with various Stark County political subdivision officials, folks who work for him but do not suck up to him and, of course, at Canton City Council meetings when he loses control of himself either during session or afterwards.

The key official in his administration that did not cave in to his bullying was his current opponent Tom Bernabei who was his service director/chief of staff (January, 2008 to January, 2009) which to Bernabei's firing.

Another heroic figure during the early days of Healy's administration was Safety Director Tom Nesbitt.

As The Report sees Healy, he is a pretty phony guy of highly questionable character who worries 24/7 because he does some pretty foolish things to be found out and therefore implements two basic strategies to avoid those scrutinizing questions, to wit:
  1. He gets cloying with a suspect person in terms of that person's reliability to be uncritically loyal to him in order to avoid uncomfortable questions, or
  2. He gets about as ugly as any human being can get and starts threatening this thing or that thing
Hardly a guy who should be the chief executive officer of Ohio's eighth largest city no matter the fact that he does have some achievements in terms of his administration (Fonda Williams, principally) bringing some jobs to Canton.

Not nearly enough for having been in office for eight years.

But he should be receive credit for his administration's achievements.

Of course, if he wants credit for successes; he also has to take the blame when his administration fails.

The former he demonstrates as being ALL-IN, the latter, of course, it is always somebody's else fault.  

He started out blaming the predecessor Republican Janet Creighton administration and now he is all the way back to Republican Stanley Cmich.

As the SCPR has written Healy is one highly sophisticated adept politician that is as slippery as an eel, if not even slipperier.  (LINK)

Undoubtedly, he is totally frustrated in his attempt to ply his considerable political skills on yours truly.

He has never met the equivalent of Martin Olson.

He may hate me for my incisive political reporting and analysis, but the animosity is not mutual as I have had many enjoyable conversations with the mayor inasmuch as we both love political intrigue.

Everyday American citizens do not fully comprehend the strong strain of Machiavellian politics at play across the USA including our beloved Stark County, Ohio.

Talk about incisive political analysis.

Looking at the Canton mayoral numbers from the 2011 election:

The SCPR figures Bernabei to "at least" split the Healy 2011 overwhelmingly Democratic vote numbers which gets him started at 27% of the vote.

Give Healy the 7% that Miller got which brings him to 34% of the vote.

The vast majority of the remaining vote surely is mostly Republican and Republican leaning independent voters which The Report thinks Bernabei will get 30% of which totals out at 57% for Bernabei.

So it appears to The Report that the final result should be somewhere in the range of 57% Bernabei, 43% Healy.

Nonetheless, the SCPR will not totally discount a possibility that Healy escapes with a narrow victory.

He is, after all, "the envy of the proverbial cat of 9 lives!"

Returning to the discussion of the animosity that the SCPR's candid blogging generates.

The same things goes for Johnnie A. Maier, Jr.

From your truly's perspective, Maier, Jr. is a terrific guy to talk to about his vast experiences in the political world.

Both he and Healy have a tough time dealing with me because the cannot figure out what makes Martin Olson tick in the realm of political reporting and analysis.

Well, let me spill the secret to William, II and Johnnie, Jr.

Just be effective in governance in the process of governing in the context of being accountable, accessible, open, communicative, transparent and authentically responsive to the needs of everyday Cantonians, Massillonians and Stark Countians.

Neither does a very good job with these core democratic-republican system of government core values.

If Healy would put half effort that he devotes to being the slippery politician into being a rock solid, believable and accountable public official, he wouldn't be faced with the prospect of being removed from office by the voters of Canton this coming Tuesday.

Who knows?  Maybe Ted Strickland will take him on after January 1, 2016 as one his campaign gurus.

When Strickland first came on the political scene (2005, 2006) as a statewide figure in his  run up to becoming the governor of Ohio, yours bought into him as a down to earth former United Methodist minister (psychologist) from rural Duck Run, Ohio who was not a Healy-like politician.

Sorry to say, yours truly was wrong about Strickland.  He is not the "real deal" as originally thought.

These days, the SCPR thinks Healy and Strickland are a perfect match for one another with exceptions of Strickland not obviously demonstrating Healy's monstrous ego problem.

He,  Ohio Dems' chairman Pepper and in the background former chairman Chris Redfern in their political ineptness have and continue fuel the Republican drive to pretty much make Ohio a "one party controlled state" as Canton is pretty much a "one party controlled city" at the hand of an inept Stark County "organized" Republican Party.

We are a year out from the Strickland/Portman (assuming Strickland gets the Democratic nomination) U.S. Senate race, but The Report thinks that when the weekend before election 2016 arrives, Strickland will likely be a lost cause.

Although The Report did make a sacrifice earlier today (this blog being written on Sunday, November 1st) in making the trip to get an anticipated Q&A on the 3rd party generated mailer (LINK) and came up with nothing in terms of putting some very direct questions to the mayor because of Healy's avoiding yours truly; the trip was not without benefit.

Who should happen by the SCPR but one Paul Ray of Alliance, Ohio who says he has gotten the jump-start on the 2018 Ohio governorship race in that he is already circulating petitions having obtained some 250 signatures out of a total of 1,000 need.

While the video is not William J. Healy, II answering point-by-point the allegations in the 3rd party mailer, it is a quite interesting video.

Ray certainly does not have the political sophistication of a William J. Healy, II or a Ted Strickland, but what you see is what you get.

Take a look.  (4:45)







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