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Updated with Comment:  01/21/2016 at 09:00 a.m.


In regards to today’s nomination of North Canton Councilwoman Marcia Kiesling to the #9 spot on your list of WORST Stark County Elected Official, I would like to offer credible evidence to support that honor for Mrs. Kiesling.

On page six of the minutes of the appeal hearing ordered by Judge Farmer and held by North Canton City Council on September 29, 2015, Mrs. Kiesling tag teams with City Engineer Jim Benekos to openly contradict the ruling of Court of Common Pleas Court Judge Kristin Farmer regarding a City Ordinance (1177.10) requiring North Canton City Council to take action on recommendations of the City’s Planning Commission regarding Conditional Uses or Similar Uses.

Your nomination for #9 WORST Stark County Elected Official (Marcia Kiesling) neither understands North Canton’s zoning code nor accepts the ruling from Stark County Common Pleas Court Judge Farmer on that issue (excerpted below from page 6 of the Judgement Entry) . Mrs. Kiesling continues to parrot the gospel of Tim Fox on this fact. I offer as an example one of the many times Law Director Tim Fox at a City Council meeting held on October 12, 2015, (page 5) Law Director Tim Fox himself contradicts Judge Farmer. Mr. Fox has repeated this claim several times and this instance is one of many.

As you state in your Post today, Kiesling is a primary promoter of, as you put it, “… the seeming Fox ‘obsessed with controlling’ all North Canton government phenomenon….”

I certainly concur. This is one of many examples.

Sad for the citizens of North Canton.


Yesterday (LINK, Resnick at #10), The Stark County Political Report began what is now termed a periodic update of The Report's "Bottom 10 List" of Stark County Political Subdvision Elected Officials.

In this first periodic update, even though a listed official remains unchanged from the last "Bottom 10 List" update, yours truly will republish the particular listing with a reason why the position is unchanged in a transition going forward in which only changed positions will be updated in future periodic updates.

Councilwoman Marcia Kiesling remains on this January, 20, 2016 as the SCPR's 9th worst Stark County elected official.

Justification for her remaining on the list at this position is her failure to speak out in objection as North Canton law director Tim Fox at North Canton council's January 11th meeting (LINK) continued his overtly hostile ways vis a vis North Cantonians in attendance who have come "not to praise Caeasar" which, of course, is always welcome with open arms by North Canton's mayor (Held) and most if not all of city council's members, but to tell these government officials how they can do better.

Fox, with the apparent approval of Kiesling who spoke nary a word of chastisement of the "unelected" Fox for his frequent "point of order" interruptions as Held and council president Dan Peters (in the main) demonstrated the temerity to engage citizens on points made in the Public Speaks portion of the meeting agenda.

If one were to buy in to what seems to be Fox's paranoic-esque-reasoning, "all Hell was about to break loose" because Held and Peters had the audacity to engage the "redress of government" speakers (Roll, McCleaster and Osborne) in quest of a safer North Canton in terms of its children.

It is likely that Kiesling was thinking "Go, Tim!" as he figuratively seemed to be "plugging his finger in the [metaphorical] hole in stopping the breakout of impending anarchy.

As the SCPR sees the seeming Fox "obsessed with controlling" all North Canton government phenomenon, Kiesling is a primary promoter thereof.

Accordingly, she remains on the  SCPR "Bottom 10 List" of Stark County Political Subdvision Elected Officials at #9.

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