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Last night a the Canton Club,  Republican Stark County prosecutor candidate Jeff Jakmides told supporters that as prosecutor he will declare war on heroin drug pushers the likes of which, he says, Stark County has never seen.

Jakmides also:
  • restated his position that he will run a self funded campaign which he tells the SCPR is likely to cost him some $150,000/$200,000,
    • Note:  He says his reason for doing so is to avoid conflicts in interests which often in the American political system materialize when campaign donors ask favors of victorious candidate
  • said that he understands that he, if elected, works for the taxpayers and that there will be no photograph of him displayed in the prosecutor's office as he says Ferrero has of himself as if the office is about the person holding it rather than the citizens,
  • detailed his extensive trial experience in Stark County political subdivision courts and promised to be a working trial attorney as prosecutor which he says Ferrero has not been,
  • said that Ferrero is going to retire and qualify for a State of Ohio pension and then take office (if elected, of course) at his regular salary (which Jakmides calls "double-dipping"),
  • repeated his oft stated charge that John Ferrero is dragging his feet on implement a direct indictment program across Stark County and thereby save taxpayers thousands upon thousands of dollars,
It is unusual for a candidate to invite the SCPR to a campaign event.

But if invited, the SCPR will attend and take video for the benefit of the Stark County voting public.

Jakmides has always been responsive to SCPR questions.  He understands that a candidate for public office has a responsibility to spell out to voters reasons why they should vote for him/her.

The only condition is that the candidate agree to do a one-on-one interview post-campaign-rally-speech in which The Report asks follow up questions to some of the points made in the speech.

The only other invitation that comes to mind is one tendered by former Stark County commissioner and Democrat Todd Bosley when he kicked off his campaign for the 50th Ohio House District in 2010.

It must be that candidates do not want to be held accountable for what they say in the speech, no?

Last week at the NextChapter debate in the race between Democrat Stephen Slesnick and Republican Bill Smith, Slesnick stated that he had brought back millions of dollars to Stark County in his stint as a state representative including, apparently, $5 million earmarked for the Pro Football Hall of Fame Village Project.

Really, Mr. Slesnick?  Let's have the details please.

While the SCPR makes a point of staying civil, hopefully, the questions asked are probing and thereby elicit new information about the person being questioned.

Last night was Jakmides' "kick off event" in his candidacy for Stark County prosecutor.

If elected, he will end 31 years of Democratic control of the prosecutor's office. In 1985 the late Bob Horowitz (whom I worked with at the Stark County Legal Aid Society for several years) broke a Republican stranglehold on the office of some 27 years when he defeated Republican Rick Kettler who went on to become a Massillon Municipal Court judge.

It was interesting to read a Repository account of the election from this file dug out for The Report by the reference/research folks at the Stark County District Library.

The entire video of his "rev up the troops speech" is presented at the end of this blog.

His opponent, Democrat John Ferrero, has been spotty on answering SCPR posed e-mail questions.

And he has refused so far to go on camera.

The Report offers Ferrero video time and space to answer Jakmides' campaign points made last night on his handling of the prosecutor's office during his 13 years in office.

What he ought to do is to agree to do a sit down with Jakmides before the SCPR camera answering questions posed by yours truly.

Richard Regula and Bill Smuckler did so when Smuckler ran for county commissioner against incumbent Regula in 2012.

And earlier this year Republican commissioner candidates Bill Smith and Dave Mungo shared a SCPR forum for an interview as they vied in the March 15, 2016 primary election to be the Republican candidate vacated by Commissioner Thomas Bernabei when he became mayor of canton on January 1, 2016.

Voters should take a dim view of candidates who run for public office and refuse to articulate upon important issues in the form of questions from the likes of the SCPR.

Here is the Q&A video that the SCPR did with Jeff Jakmides last night.

Note:  Be sure to catch Jakmides' saying that Democrat Sheriff George T. Maier and Massillon Clerk of Courts Johnnie A. Maier, Jr are not going to be supporting John Ferrero for prosecutor.  Ferrero (who lives in Massillon who is a former Massillon law director) has had a long running political feud with the Massillon based Maier brothers)

And here is the full video of Jakmides' campaign "kick off" speech.

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