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See update of blog pertaining to Janet Creighton reaction to Case take on her role in the Stark County phase of the presidential race.


If Donald Trump is to win Stark County in the 2016 presidential election general election on November 5th, the reason is likely to be one ordinary citizen named Ralph Case and not Republican Stark County commissioner Janet Creighton.

Although she has been reported to have pretty much sat on her hands at the Cleveland sited Republican National Convention in terms of joining on the hoopla for nominee Trump, of late she has been making stirrings of being a main person in Stark County Republican politics in trumpeting Trump in a county that has produced one U.S. president of its own.

As far as the SCPR knows, no photo and Creighton and Donald J. Trump has surfaced.

But early adopter (i.e. supporting the candidacy of Trump) did achieve a photo op with Nominee Trump on the last day of the convention.

Case could not be prouder to have a photo taken of himself and his son on Thursday, July 21, 2016.

That was the day that Donald J. Trump achieved what few including Creighton thought he could do on March 9, 2015 (LINK) which is the day the SCPR published a blog detailing the efforts of "volunteer" Ralph Case "using his own money" to open a "unofficial" campaign site in Canton..

Here are recent photos (provided by Case to the SCPR) of his and his son's Trump connection:

While things did not go well for Trump in Stark on March 15th, it could be a different story come November 5th.

Note that Ohio "favorite son" candidate John Kasich barely got to the 48% mark of the 10 candidates appearing on the March Republican primary ballot.

In that primary, Commissioner Creighton was "all-out" for Kasich as she ran successfully as an "at-large" candidate to be a Kasich delegate at the RNC of July 18-21 of '16.

Prior to that run, Creighton was "joined-at-the-political-hip" with Kasich as his main person northeast Ohio as late the 2014 Ohio gubernatorial election in which Kasich cruised to victory over Democrat Ed Fitzgerald.

Today, Kasich is the leading state/nation based Republican holding out in supporting/endorsing Trump.

He says that he will spend his time and effort supporting local Republicans across Ohio to

As a consequence, a number of Republicans are saying "Never, ever for Kasich" should he run for office in Ohio again.  Kasich will be term-limited-out as governor on December 31, 2018.

Sort of ironic, no? in light of Kasich at least at this point seemingly being "Never ever! Trump!!"

In yesterday's SCPR talk with Case, he said he suspects that Kasich political operatives were behind instigating the local fire officials limitation to about 1,000 attendees (4,000 were wanting in) to a recent Trump event in Columbus.

Post-March, 2016 primary, Ralph Case was cast aside by some higher up officials in the Trump campaign because of his freelancing with the international, national, regional and local press about his activities on behalf of Trump from Canton, Ohio and Stark County.

The Report had been told that Case was cast out but then allowed back into the inner core of the Stark County Trump effort going into the general election.

But in a long telephone interview with Case yesterday, The Report learned that Ralph Case is on the outside in that he has been told by Trump campaign higher ups that he can continue on a "volunteer" basis doing his thing for Trump on the condition that he "shut it down" in talking Trump matters with the media.

Case blames his campaign role derogation on interlopers both at higher levels and at the local level on "interloper types."  

The word "interloper" was not Case's.  

If anything, Case's actual words were were more derogatory than that.

The word was selected as one best describing what The Report's overall take was on Creighton's role/lack of role in the Stark County Trump campaign.  

Case named names at the higher level and at the local level and among them was Janet Creighton.

The Report interpreted Case's remarks on Creighton to indicate that he is particularly unhappy with her level of activity on behalf of Trump so far in the campaign.

On seeing today's blog, Creighton did call and complain that she felt that being described as being an "interloper" to be unfair.  But such is how The Report sees the import of what Case had to say about her.

Creighton says she would not know Ralph Case if he was in the same room with him.

Case does talk about a meeting occuring in which Trump campaign (Stark County phase) was discussed.  Creighton says that the only meeting she has ever attended was for about two minutes in a Jakmides campaign meeting and that she has never been in a meeting in which the topic was focused on the Donald J. Trump Stark County campaign.

For her part, Creighton says that she is absolutely committed to the defeat of Hillary Clinton and that she will do whatever it takes to see that she does not become president.

Getting back to the his currently nonexistent official role in his desire to see Trump become president, Case said he believes that Trump himself would not and has not been part of the "shut Ralph Case up" movement which came from the lesser lights of the national/state of Ohio Trump campaign.

It appears to the SCPR that Case will be holding the "official" Stark County GOP Trump supporting campaign efforts "feet to the fire" on producing a quality effort on behalf of Trump in Stark County.

Case is also a big supporter of Republican Stark County prosecutor candidate Jeff Jakmides and thinks that whether or not Jakmides and other competitive countywide candidates win in Stark will correlate to the success of Donald J. Trump in Stark County.

Right now, it seems to The Report that local Republicans are in a quandary to go all out for Trump or distance themselves from him in the light of many controversial statements by Trump that have been played up in the national media.

Case questions the authenticity of Janet Creighton's "apparent" support of Trump coming out of the RNC convention.

He says that plans are underway by local Republicans to open up a Victory Center next door to the Stark County GOP headquarters but does not know the exact date.

In this series leading up to the November 5th general election, the SCPR is the place to come to for incisive insight and commentary of the inner workings of the respective Trump and Clinton campaigns.

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