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Realpolitik people understand that in reality when Republican presidential candidate Donald J. Trump talks about the upcoming in less than two weeks 2016 general election as being "rigged," his real point is that he is likely to lose and to lose big time.

Only Trump and his core supporters (whatever Donald says "is the gospel") think that the American election system as a whole is rigged.

SCPR readers who want a comprehensive guide to the ridiculous Trump camp claim take a look at this excellent summary done by Politico (LINK) published yesterday.

While our nation's election system is not rigged, one cannot say the same thing about those of several of the states of our union.

Up front and foremost in that regard is Ohio's system.

Oh! The Stark County Political Report thinks Stark County's (Republican Jeff Matthews, director) and Ohio's overall (Republican secretary of state Jon Husted) ensure that there is very little if any fraudulent voter.

The rigging comes in not with the actual vote casting and counting but in the gerrymandered legislative districts that the supermajority Republican control of the Ohio General Assembly has instituted across Ohio.

Seventy-five percent (75%) of Ohio 16 congressional districts through political/legislative rigging are held by Republican.

Compare the 75% Ohio congressional district ratio in favor of Republicans to the 2012 presidential race results:

Think there isn't more than a little political hanky-panky going on with the statehouse Republicans?

Putting a face and name on those responsible in the local context.

Of the three pictured above, District 48 representative Kirk Schuring owns the current "rigged" system the most.  For he has completely catapulted into being a politician first and foremost with his recent selection a majority leader for the Republican side of the aisle in the Ohio House.

Interesting enough, Schuring is one of the prime beneficiaries of having a "rigged" legislative district heavily indexed Republican to run in.

In 2016, guess what?

Schuring's Democratic opponent has withdrawn from the campaign having moved out of state.

And, in the case of Christina Hagan and her lopsided Republican-indexed 50th District Ohio House seat, her opponent was considering withdrawing but apparently has decided to play the token opposition candidate role instead.

So indeed it is self-evident by the numbers that Ohio's legislative districts have been rigged by Ohio General Assembly Republicans (including Stark Countians Hagan, Oelslager and Schuring) to produce 66 Ohio House Republicans (33 Democrats) and 23 Ohio Senate Republicans (13 Democrats), while it is anybody's guess who will win the 2016 presidential election.

Moreover, it is self-evident by the numbers that Ohio's congressional districts have been rigged by Ohio General Assembly Republicans (including Stark Countians Hagan, Oelslager and Schuring) to produce 12 Republican congressmen and a mere 4 Democrats while it is anybody's guess who will win the 2016 presidential election.

In 2015, there was a successful effort to rectify the rigging done by the current set of Ohio General Assembly supermajority Republicans.

The statewide passage rate was about 70%.

However, the current set of Ohio General Assembly Republicans (which Majority Leader and Stark County Republican Kirk Schuring in a key player in) have not lifted a finger to come up with a plan to present to voters and Issue 1 commissioner members (2020/2021 reapportionment) for perusal and consideration.

And it appears that the Republicans are not about to move on the matter.

Readers should take a look at a October 23rd Columbus Dispatch editorial (LINK) on which details the inaction on the part of the Schuring et al evidencing his and his Republican caucus completely ignoring the "will of the people" of Ohio as expressed in the election of November, 2015.

Some choice quotes from the editorial:

The Ohio Constitutional Modernization Commission, which had been trying to broker a redistricting-reform deal for the legislature, said it is deadlocked on the issue. The ball is back to lawmakers.

“We’ve had lots of hearings, lots of testimony,” commission Chairman Fred Mills recently told Gongwer Ohio recently. But there has been no consensus, writes the news service, “His message … It’s out of our hands.”

It is, however, still in the hands of the General Assembly, whom voters expect to find solutions. 

The editorial is all to kind in using the language "gerrymandering" to described what the likes Stark Countian Schuring and his Republican pals in the Ohio General Assembly are engaged in.

Republican presidential candidate has the right word for Statehouse Republicans including our locals Hagan, Oelslager and Schuring.

They are rigging Ohio legislative elections to keep themselves and the Republican Party in power!

That's the truth of the matter!!!

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