Friday, November 17, 2017



In the "unofficial" tally of the voting in Marlboro Township on November 7th, incumbent 19 year trustee John P. Hagan won two of three Marlboro precincts but lost "apparently" has lost the election.

Had Eddleman not rolled up a 33 vote margin in Marlboro precinct 1, he likely would have come out the loser.  Eddleman and a number of Eddleman family members live in precinct 1 and so it is a touch ironic that he had to rely on precinct 2 to come out the winner.

Another interesting result of the SCPR Marlboro precinct study is that 48% of  precinct 2 voters voted on November 7th whereas 41% voted in precinct 1.

In a previous blog (since corrected), the SCPR had calculated erroneously that Hagan, if the eight vote separation holds, seemed to be entitled to an automatic recount.

On talking with Ken Eddleman, The Report became aware of the calculation error and the revision appears in the graphic above.

Of course, John Hagan could ask for a recount but he would have to bear the expense of doing so.

Indications are that he is not expected to ask for recount at his expense.

Sources are telling The Stark County Political Report (SCPR) that Hagan is showing a mixed bag in terms of his "apparent" loss.

Nobody can say for sure until the official count becomes public November 28th whether or not there will be an automatic recount in the Eddleman/Hagan race,

There are 1,528 outstanding provision/absentee ballots outstanding countywide, but only a small number of those will qualify to be counted in the Marlboro trustee race.

Hagan is presenting a mixed reaction to the "unofficial" results.

With Eddleman and Battershell, he has been congratulatory.

But with the third Marlboro trustee Wayne Schillig (the most congenial politician in all of Stark County) he got testy when Schillig called him to console him on his apparent loss.

An interesting contrast, no?

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