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UPDATE:  12/16/2017 AT 07:56 AM


In September, "The Stark County Republican Party" was supporting the candidacy of Marlboro Township resident Christina Hagan (Republican state Rep Ohio's 50th House District) to become the Republican nominee to replace the running for Ohio governor Jim Renacci as Ohio 16th District congressperson.

In December, not so.

How can The Stark County Political Report figure that out?

On Monday, December 19th, Hagan is holding a "make or break" fundraiser at 10798 Ravenna Ave, NE (State Route 44) which Stark County auditor office records indicate is owned by JADJ Field of Dreams, LLC (incorporated on 12/22/2015) which was incorporated by Jonathan Sarchione who is one of the owners of Sarchione Auto Sales (the family has been in the auto sales business since 1917) which is principally located in Alliance, Ohio.

And the extended Sarchione family has been good to Hagan in terms of campaign financing contributions.

The star attraction at Monday's event?

For one, Sebastian Gorka.  He is thought to be, at the very least, sympathetic towards if not one of a political grouping known as the ALT-RIGHT.  (see Wikipedia for a summary of ALT-RIGHT agenda, some of which Christina Hagan may not support)

In contrast to the September 27, 2017 Stark GOP supported Hagan Fundraiser, Hagan is going all-out for "big-buck" contributors, to wit:

Here is an extract from an August, 2017 newspaper report on Gorka (Bannon) associations with the ALT-RIGHT.

Rights leaders demand Trump fire ‘alt-right’ hero Steve Bannon

AUGUST 13, 2017 07:32 PM

UPDATED AUGUST 14, 2017 11:34 AM


Religious and civil rights leaders called on President Donald Trump to fire White House advisors Steve Bannon and Sebastian Gorka, whose association with the white-supremacist “alt-right” movement have come under heightened scrutiny following Saturday’s violent racial clash in Charlottesville, Va.

And maybe, just maybe the chief ALT RIGHT (see Wikipedia article on ALT RIGHT) politician in America; namely, Steve Bannon?


Perhaps, fresh off "licking his 'political' wounds" from the astounding defeat of extreme religious right wing Republican Alabama senatorial candidate Roy Moore, Bannon will be Christina Hagan's "surprise special guest?"

Hagan, who does not live in the 16th but rather in the 7th (represented by Republican Bob Gibbs who has endorsed Hagan "mainstream" Republican Anthony Gonzalez) always, in the assessment of the SCPR being a fringe religious right political figure, will pony up to establishment Republicans if they will have here.

With the well-known and formidable in mainstream Republican politics Timken family apparently seeing "the handwriting on the wall" in hosting a Gonzalez sited fundraiser at Brookside Country Club in late November (despite the family's historical support for President Donald J. Trump) and seemingly seeing that should Hagan be the party nominee come May 8, 2018 and Democrats are able to anticipate such a development; then one can "bet [his/her] bottom dollar" that the Dems will go out a find a quality/experienced candidate to file before the February filing deadline.

As President Trump's favorability continues to dip (some polls now showing 32%), an "all-in-for-Trump-candidate" such as Christina Hagan becomes an attractive political target for Democrats who are sensing more and more a Democratic congressional takeover come the November, 2018 election.

ANTI-ESTABLISHMENT?  Of course after Chistina Hagan gets rejected by mainstream Republicans.

PRO-TRUMP?  Without a doubt!  Hagan has nothing to lose.  In fact some political folks are speculating that in light of rumors to the effect that 7th congressional district Congressman Bob Gibbs likely not to run again in 2020 (the 7th is Christina Hagan's residential district) that she is using the 16th District run to gain experience and maintain political notoriety so has to be in a position run in the 7th.

FOR THE MIDDLE CLASS?  Hardly!  Hagan throws in with every corporate PAC and monied right wing politico (by definition "screw the middle class") that will have her.

And, oh yes! Hagan holds a "high roller' fundraiser on a property valued by the Stark County auditor at $2.4 million.  

Now, how many middle classers could afford this political bash?

On or about January 15, 2018, the Federal Elections Commission (FEC) will be publishing the list of Hagan's December 19th contributors as well as the Gonzalez Brookside Group of November 29th.

Now who do you think is going to win that battle?

In bringing Gorka to Stark County (and, perhaps, even Bannon), Hagan, front and center, has brought ALT-RIGHT political craziness to the county.

It will be interesting to see what Stark Countians are going to be willing to see their names publicly listed as having attended/contributed to Christina Hagan who now appears to be Stark County's very own ALT-RIGHT candidate.

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