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Stark Co Commissioner Janet Creighton
"Open and Frank Discussion on Strengthening Stark Issues"


North Canton Mayor David Held & HOF Officials
Regarding Financing of HOF-VP

Here is a LINK to yesterday's blog which SCPR readers ought to read first prior to proceeding on this blog.

One of Stark County Commissioner Janet Creighton's prized qualities is her propensity to "cut to the chase" once the "cat-was-out-of-the-bag" as was the case on the initiative of North Canton mayor David Held in his Q&A time at a community event organized by a group called Stark Civic Group (formed in 2015) dba as "Strengthening Stark."

And that is what she did yesterday in the "Gold Jacket Room" of the Pro Football Hall of Fame located on Halas Drive in northwest Canton yesterday in the first of three community forums of Stark County "elected" officials organized by Strengthening Stark.

In yesterday's blog, the SCPR placed a video excerpt of North Canton mayor David Held pointedly pressing Strengthening Stark officials and HOF officials for answers on the Strengthening Stark and HOF-VP nexus or lack thereof and initiated a discuss having been encouraged by Commissioner Creighton in her opening remarks:
  • an admonition that "We [Stark County political subdivision elected officials the Strengthening Stark discussion] have a open and frank discussion,"
  • "I am just going to say it because many of you have whispered in my ears and are afraid to say it, this is not about saving a certain institution or making sure that money goes to a certain city, village or township.  This is about us.
  • "You should feel very comfortable about offering your frank opinions, offering your concerns and offering your ideas to move Stark County ahead.
  • "Please take my comments to heart.  And do not be afraid to speak out."
  • "It is time to raise the blinds."
  • "If we are not frank in this room, then we are not going to move this county ahead."
Here is Creighton as one of two Stark County political subdivision officials (Canton mayor Thomas Bernabei being the other) to outline the parameters of the discussion to take place yesterday.  (3:03)

Held took Creighton's admonition "to heart" and opened up a virtual pandora's box in pressing for answers to his questions.

A repeat (also in yesterday's blog) of the SCPR video of Held's questions:  (3:51)

And now, the answers or non-answers (as the SCPR thinks was the case from two HOF vice presidents (Fierly and Graffice) who were present:'

The video: (7:21)

This is the second of a series of Stark County Political Report blogs in which The Report will dig deep into all aspects of the evolvement of the Strengthening Stark initiative which seems to be designed to cultivate a political environment in which Stark commissioners will agree to place a 1/2 cent additional sales tax on a near-future countywide ballot for Stark County voters to weigh-in on.

The format of this series is to present in the context of questions and answers asked/given with particularized attention paid to each Q&A exchange.

Moreover, The Report in ensuing blogs will present one-one-one interviews:
  • with newly elected Canton vice president (majority leader) Chris Smith, 
  • a follow up interview with Mayor Held, and
  • a follow up interview with HOF official Pete Firely
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