Wednesday, May 9, 2018


Its been a really, really, really tough run for the Hagan "political" clan family members on the promise of the 29 year old matriarch (Christina) of political wing of the family to make the Hagans THE power in Stark County, Ohio and national politics and governance.

The PAC flyer (extract appearing above) bills Josh as "the star."  But Josh was merely a throw-in candidate to preserve the 50th Ohio House District as a Hagan base of political operations which has been the state of affairs in 14 of the past 16 years.

Father John had the seat from 2001 through 2008, then Christina from 2011 (having gotten a Ohio GOP House Caucus "appointment" to succeed Todd Snitchler via the effort of daddy John) through the end of 2018.  Before 2001 and after 2008, John was a mainstay (some 19 years) as a Marlboro Township trustee before he was defeated this past November.

The plan was for Josh to hold the seat from 2019 through 2027.

John Hagan (after having been 50th District state representative for eight years) tried to continue life as a Stark County commissioner in 2008 when he took on Democratic political neophyte Pete Ferguson and, believe it or not, lost.

Early on in Christina Hagan's campaign she sat down with a local Republican official in an "unsuccessful" effort to get that official to support her congressional campaign.

Christina astonished the official in claiming she would raise $15 million for the May 8th primary election and another $1.5 million for the general election on her pell mell path to becoming Congresswoman Christina Hagan.

Undoubtedly because she is such an extreme religious right politico, the Washington-based Republican establishment went out and recruited past Ohio State football star (also a pro player for the Indianapolis Colts) and Stanford graduate Anthony Gonzalez to return to his roots in the Cleveland area to run for the 16th.

It certainly has been an interesting ride for Christina Hagan.  From being on the stage behind then presidential candidate Donald J. Trump to being featured in that bastion of media liberalism—The Washington Post—to having the politically notorious Anthony Scaramucci and Sebastian Gorka involved in her campaign, it had to be a giddyfying experience for her to be a political extreme right wing limelight.

No about it, Christina Hagan is the political star of the Hagan family; not Josh and not John.

But as a star of what?

In Ohio, a very limited political universe.

And the Hagan family political matriach just found that out the hard way.

But along the way Christina Hagan did acquire a gift that she says is "the greatest gift ever."

A 2017 Mother's Day gift of an AR-15.

Some consolation prize in having lost her Hagan family dream of creating a Stark County-based local, state and national government influencing political empire, no?

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