Wednesday, March 4, 2009


With the passing of Canton-Akron (CAK) retired airport magnate Fred Krum on Monday, Stark County has lost a "leader of leaders." Fred had a quiet authority about him. He demonstrated visionary but patient leadership in pushing the development of CAK and, of course, Stark County.

In his piece in The Repository today, Edd Pritchard captured succinctly the essence of Fred Krum significance to Stark:
As he [Krum] put it in a 1991 interview, luck intervened. Airport director Jack Doyle — Leo Doyle’s father — needed an accountant, so he called Krum, who jumped at the chance. Doyle’s call likely changed the airport and the area’s future. (emphasis added)
Fred Krum was a difference maker. And as such, he modeled a leadership style that Stark County so sorely needs these days.

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