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While the STARK COUNTY POLITICAL REPORT (The Report) believes that Canton Mayor Jamey Healy is trying to squeeze Safety Director Tom Nesbitt out as safety director, it is obvious that Randy Gonzales (the man with a powerless title - Jackson Township Fiscal Officer - but seemingly "all powerful") is pushing Nesbitt into the 9-1-1 tube.

The Report has reason to believe that Canton Mayor Healy in his singular ("you don't know this is happening to you - because I am much smarter than you") mode, "but I just want to know what Tom Nesbitt's chances are to become 9-1-1 Project Manager because I need to plan" This is a phone call The Report believes Healy made to all 9-1-1 Project Manager interviewers over the weekend.

Get it?

Healy is not directly lobbying for Nesbitt for appearances sake, but "really" he is. The Report believes there is a concerted effort on the part of Mayor Healy, Jackson Township Fiscal Officer Randy Gonzales (the de facto head of the Stark County Democratic Party) and Stark County Commissioner Tom Harmon to relocate Nesbitt to the 9-1-1 Project Manager position.

Why Healy?

Because Nesbitt humiliated him about a month ago when he let it be known that he was applying for the 9-1-1 Project Manager job. Nesbitt's application was confirmation to The Report of what was already known; all was not well within the Healy administration. What's more, Nesbitt has been unable to get Canton Police Chief Dean L. McKimm fired as The Report has reported is at the top of Healy's "to do" list.

The Report was the first Stark County media to speculate that the Healy administration was a "sinking ship."

Was The Report correct in your truly's analysis?

You be the judge?

After the Nesbitt incident, you have the Bernabei (Services Director and Chief of Staff) firing, you have the campaign contributions to Healy from figures being investigated by the FBI in what has come to be known as the "Cuyahoga County corruption; you have the campaign contributions from folks associated with 1-888-Workers'Comp (whom Healy awarded Canton's workers' compensation processing contract to - largely on his own); you have Stark Countian Jack DeSario (who has had records of his D&R Consulting subpeoned by the FBI in its Cuyahoga County investigation) and who has former connections with Gary C. Johnson who was recently given a labor negotiation contract by Healy and from whom Healy initially received $1400 in campaign contributions.

The Report is still looking into other campaign contributions that Healy received and The Report is beginning to connect more dots. Of course, the TeamHealy and Mayor Healy himself is refusing to answer the telling questions of The Report.

Stay tuned on the campaign contributions thing.

Mind you, The Report has largely stayed away from the allegations that Healy has had an "inappropriate" relationship with an area 16 year old.

If The Report is so correct, when will the "Ship Healy" finally sink?

Who knows. These things seem to take forever to resolve one way or another. Effective investigators are extremely careful to dot each and every - i - and cross each and every - t -, and doubly so when the subject of the inquiry is a powerful public figure.

Back to the 9-1-1 hiring.

Why Gonzales?

Gonzales started months ago when he was making the rounds of the villages, townships and cities of Stark County lobbying for support of a countywide 9-1-1 system. Only recently The Report learned that Tom Nesbitt was with Gonzales on many, if not all, of the stops that 9-1-1 circuit rider Gonzales made.

Why Harmon?

The Report suspects that Gonzales teamed up with County Commissioner Tom Harmon and Nesbitt several months ago and forged an agreement that if and when the money became available to take a re-worked 9-1-1 countywide, Nesbitt would be the candidate of choice.

The Report believes that Harmon is politically jealous of fellow commissioner Todd Bosley because of the many Bosley attention-getting activities as commissioner and is fomenting troubles for Bosley; unbeknown to Bosley. For appearance sakes, Harmon seems to be working harmoniously (no pun intended) with Bosley.

Does Bosley have difficulties in pressing his support for Peterson?

It is common knowledge that Bosleys man for the 9-1-1 Project Manager job is Nimishillen Township Fire Chief Rich Peterson. However, in the inter circles of 9-1-1 turf struggles, Peterson has created avowed enemies. An expression of the animosity towards Bosley and Peterson was evident in an e-mail recently published in The Report's blog of several days ago. CLICK HERE to see the blog containing the e-mail.

The Report believes that the e-mail may have come from Gonzales or one of his Stark Democratic Party loyalists.

So how will all this work out?

The Report believes that Gonzales will win the day and get Nesbitt appointed.

However, it could devolve into "a battle royal" between Gonzales and Bosley and a compromise candidate will surface.

The Stark County political scene is rich in political intrigue these days!

Only the STARK COUNTY POLITICAL REPORT brings you Stark County political developments from the bowels of political infighting.

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