Thursday, May 21, 2009


Tomorrow night (Friday) at 8:00 PM an emergency meeting of the Marlboro Township Board of Trustees at township hall has been called for the purpose of considering the reinstatement of Police Chief Ron Devies (currently on paid administrative leave) at the initiative of Trustee Wayne Schilig.

But there is likely to be trouble.


Because Trustee Tim Wise (and, perhaps Dave Wolf) is/are mired in political quicksand of their own making and are struggling to find a "face-saving" way out.

Trustee Wise has let it be known that he will only agree to reinstatement under certain conditions.

Chief Ron Devies has told the SCPR that he will only accept discussion of the conditions in public and will not allow the matter to be discussed in executive session.

The SCPR believes that Trustees and Wolf are not done in trying to make the knuckle under. Although both, in all likelihood, only have until December 31st remaining as trustees (for surely they will be defeated if they stand for reelection); all signs point that they will go down fighting with Chief Devies.

According to Devies, Wise and Wofl began their fight with him shortly after they took office in January, 2006.

Chief Devies is in the catbird seat vis-a-vis Wise and Wolf. He announced some time ago that he would exercise is constitutional rights as a Marlboro citizen to work for the defeat of his two antagonists.

If for some reason, Devies is unwilling to accept Wise's edict of conditions (assuming Wolf is on board with him), the Chief will simply bide his time until they are no longer in office. Then, presumably, the new trustees would join Trustee Wayne Schilig to rehire Ron Devies.

Who would take the job as chief in the meantime?

For a lame duck trustee or trustees to impose conditions indicates to the SCPR that someone does not have a handle on the political reality of the situation.

When your truly was a kid, we used to watch the "Friday Night Fights" on TV.

Will Friday, May 22, 2009 be a visitation of a "political Friday Night Fight?"

Or will Wise and Wolf get politically real and begin a conciliatory departure process as township trustees?

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