Monday, May 4, 2009


An election data analysis by the STARK COUNTY POLITICAL REPORT (The Repor/SCPR) shows that Republican state Senator Kirk Schuring lost the 16th congressional district race to Democrat John in nine (9) Stark County voting districts.

Republicans banked on winning substantial margins in Jackson and Lake Townships as well as North Canton to offset big margins for John Boccieri in Alliance, Canton and Massillon.

The Report included in Schuring's tally Marlboro and Tuscarawas Townships merely to pad his numbers as he only carried Jackson, Lake, North Canton, Marlboro and Tuscarawas in all of Stark County.

Perry was included in the Boccieri results because of his strong showing in the township. Boccieri got 40% of the vote in the 4th largest township in Stark County. The Report believes this should be competitive for a Republican of Schuring's stature.

What is the message for the Stark Republican leadership out of these numbers?

Ya better rethink your Stark strategy!

Jeff Matthews in his on stage interview at the Tax Day, Tea Day rally on April 15th held at Central Plaza in downtown Canton got embarrassed by WHLO AM radio host Matt Patrick (who is probably kicking himself now) by chiding Matthews about the Stark GOP's failure to have a single "non-judicial" elected countywide official.

With the thinking going on in the Stark GOP these days, there is not likely to be a Republican official any time soon. And this is not good for Stark County. With political dominance, comes political arrogance. Stark County Democrat office holders (except for a few) are fully infected.

One of the antidotes for political arrogance is a healthy two party system.

More than one Republican leadership figure has told The Report that the Stark GOP does not intend to compete in Canton and Massillon.

Schuring himself seemed to write off Canton early in his campaign in a speech in Ashland County. See the video clip below.

The Report believes the Republican strategy is deeply flawed. Democrats have proved that they can make inroads in what many politicos refer to as Republican strongholds Jackson, Lake and North Canton.

Why can't the reverse be done?

Well, The Report believes it can be done, but only if the Stark Republicans clean house at party headquarters. It is disconcerting to learn that Jason Wise is a mainstay at Fulton Road these days. If Jeff Matthews thinks this guy has anything going for himself in political analysis and party organization (grassroots), the Stark Democrats should be ecstatic.

All Wise did with his attempt to convert Tax Day, Tea Day into local Republican Party organizing event in place the Stark County Republican Party on the political fringe in the minds of many Stark County voters. And for Chairman Matthews to join in is a further testament to how bereft the Stark County GOP is in leadership.

If was just local Republicans who suffered, who would care.

But Stark County is not getting the quality of government that the county so desperately needs because of the failure of Stark Republicans to compete.

Here is the video in which Kirk Schuring in effect endorses Stark Republicans not competing Canton.

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