Thursday, June 25, 2009


The Stark County Political Report (SCPR/The Report) has learned that Canton Police Chief Dean McKimm is being brought up on disciplinary hearing by outgoing Safety Director Tom Nesbitt. The Report understands that this hearing will be held within a matter of days and will be adjudicated by Service Director Warren Price.

Whatever decision Price makes is subject to review by the Canton Civil Service Commission.

McKimm has been the target not only of the Healy administration but also by the preceding Creighton administration.

That SCPR did a records request several months ago with the city of Canton and the documents obtained verify numerous admonitions being communicated by Director Nesbitt to McKimm. Apparently, the acrimony has not abated over time; hence the new action and a hearing.

The Report has opinioned previously that one of the reasons Nesbitt is departing the Healy administration is Healy's dissatisfaction with Nesbitt's inability to deal with McKimm in accordance with Healy's objectives.

Tom Nesbitt is another Canton official that professionals, who work with him, have a high opinion of, but nonetheless has fallen into disfavor with Healy.

The SCPR has also learned that Deputy Police Chief (Captain) Thomas Ream is a leading candidate to succeed Director Nesbitt.

An area law enforcement official has told the SCPR that his view is that Ream is too much of a "shiny new badge" to be Safety Director and that it would also be troublesome if McKimm remains chief to have to account to his former subordinate.

Meanwhile, the beat goes on in Canton. Distractions galore emanating from Mayor Healy appear to debilitating the city from moving forward in revitalizing itself for the good of its citizens.

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