Friday, June 12, 2009


The hallmark of our republic is the marketplace of ideas.

Everyday citizens meet in different contexts and share with one another a diversity of ideas of how we can live effectively and productively in community.

However, we do have in our midst those who think his idea alone is best. Accordingly, the SCPR, will, from time-to-time, republish the TOP SIX STARK CONTROLLERS LIST.

Note the absence of any females from the SCPR's "top six" list of Stark Countians who quest to dominate and stifle any dissent from a central idea of what is best for any given collection of citizens. Hum?

At the top of the list is, of course, William J. Healy, II; mayor of Canton. Healy is absolutely in a class by himself when it comes to being "a control freak." This guy can't abide anyone who differs with him. And he wants to lead a community? You have got to be kidding, Jamey?

Second, recently resigned (June 1, 2009) chairman of the Stark County Democratic Party, Johnnie A. Maier, Jr. Maier is the most politically paranoid person the SCPR has ever met. And just by virtue of their trade, politicians as a class are paranoid. But this guy "takes the cake." So the SCPR is pleased to recognize Maier - as a last honor - for his controlling nature while serving as chairman.

Third, H. Michael Miller the superintendent/CEO of the Stark County Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities (MRDD) agency. He controls the MRDD board and staff with a tight grip and brooks no dissent. He blows off citizens (like yours truly) who ask to sit down for a little chit-chat. In time he will be off the list. How's that? Thankfully, he is moving on. Effective with January, 2010, he will be moving on into retirement. Great news for the Stark County community.

Fourth, Jackson Township fiscal officer Randy Gonzalez. As the newly elected chairman of the Stark County Democratic Party, he has sat at the feet of Maier and learned to control from an expert. You can bet that he will knuckle down on any Democrat Stark County officeholders who do not toe the party line according to Gonzalez. People like Kim Perez, Tim Swanson, Todd Bosley, Mike Rehfus and organized labor elements of the party are in for a hard time. It is likely that they have pledged allegiance to Gonzalez, but it is not within their makeup to suppress themselves on a continuing basis. In time, all hell will break loose, After all, we are talking about the Democrats.

Fifth, state Representative Todd Snitchler (Republican - Lake/the 50th Ohio House District). Snitchler has the appearance of being a "come let us reason together" type. But he isn't Todd is a true believer on at least two counts (he seems wired to be a group think person). One is his fanatic connection to chambers of commerce and his fascination with the panacea-esque "private-enterprise" alone formulas for what ails Stark County, Ohio and the nation. Two is his buy-in to official Republican ideology. Wow! Does this guy have deep thinking skills? Apparently not.

Sixth, Stark County Republican Party chairman Jeff Matthews. Matthews is on this list only because he has the distinction of be in a group think of two. Two? That's not much of a group. True. But a devastating group it is. Matthews and Braden (Matthew's predecessor). Word is that they cannot exist politically; one without the other. This "mini-group" has devastated the Stark County Republican Party. Even with the Democrats trying to self-destruct, it is unclear that Stark Republicans will benefit when Democrat officeholders start falling. Stay tuned.


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