Friday, May 14, 2010


It is old news that Canton Democrats (Smuckler and his many friends on Canton City Council; Healy and his "few" friends on Council) are lining up to determine who will be the next mayor of Canton.

Healy has alienated all but about two or so Canton councilpersons in his bid to be reelected mayor.  However, he has developed an alternative strategy to remain mayor.

The SCPR believes the odds of Healy returning are not looking good.

The "new" news is that North Canton is looking like it is going to have a mayoralty contest come May, 2011.  And, like Canton, because a lopsided Republican registration factor in the Dogwood City, the primary will determine who is to be North Canton's new mayor.

Who are the likely foes in North Canton?

Councilman Jeff Davies and current Mayor David Held.

There has been bad blood between these two for some time now.  Moreover, there has brewing dissatisfaction on many Council members' part with the Held administration, to wit:  Held, himself and City Administrator Earle Wise, Jr. but not so much other members of the administration leadership mix.

Davies and Held do not get along.

Davies thinks Held is a weak mayor.  Held thinks Davies is brash and uncouth.

Held and a number of others in North Canton government has complained about Davies.  However, the complains were dismissed by North Canton's law director as not being actionable. 

Held and Davies are North Canton's mix of oil and water; just like Cantonians Smuckler and Healy.  Even though they are of the same political party; partisan ties are not enough to keep them together.

North Canton Council is different than Canton's.  Of the seven councilpersons, four are announced Republicans (Canton:  all but one are Demcrats). 

How will North Canton Council wade in on a Held/Davies match up?

It's hard to say.

What they will be doing in the opinion of the SCPR is weighing the lesser of two political evils.

Davies' perceived temper and brashness versus Held's perceived inability to lead North Canton with strength and purpose.

Both will be lobbying Council for support over the next year and who wins that battle could have a leg up on next year's primary.

The SCPR believes the likelihood of a Davies/Held contest is good for North Canton in the sense that political competition will clarify the issues and characteristics between the two from which to make a choice.

In 2009, Held ran unopposed.

North Cantonians should be urging Davies and others to run for mayor next year.  The more candidates, the better for North Canton!

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